Pfizer CEO Gets Ambushed At Davos By REAL Journalists Asking REAL Questions (Video)

Written by Wes Walker on January 20, 2023


The poor guy didn’t see this coming. After years of having his boots licked by world leaders and the media chattering class, Pfizer’s CEO faced actual questions … and he didn’t like it.

This is clearly not the reception Albert Bourla was expecting to have in Davos. It was only after acknowledging the guy with the microphone that he realized he was in for some very pointed questions.

Reporters from the aptly-named Canadian news outlet ‘Rebel News’ opened with questions about Pfizers numerical claims of stopping viral transmission which were adjusted lower and lower and lower until now, we know, it offers no meaningful protection against transmission at all.

Bourla was asked if he was ashamed. He was asked if the countries duped into believing inflated claims about Pfizer’s effectiveness ought to get refunds.

All he could do is sidestep the questions with the kind of dismissive ‘have a nice day’ and ‘thank-you’ conversation enders.

But Rebel News is no stranger to being stiff-armed by self-important politicians. They used the opportunity of having cameras in their faces to ask the embarrassing questions that the obsolete media has refused to ask.

It’s exactly the kind of thing that gonzo journalism had to rely on to get a scoop before everything became blandly corporate in service of someone’s agenda.

If you get enough people asking the same questions, who knows where that could take you? Maybe some elected officials could even find their spines long enough to do the same.

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