‘Squad’ Member Rep. Cori Bush Put On FULL BLAST For Disgusting Racist Tweet About GOP Rep. Byron Donalds

Written by K. Walker on January 5, 2023

Congresswoman Cori Bush said something racist… What a shocker. (Not really.)

Apparently, the Missouri Congresswoman who is a member of the far-left progressive “Squad” has her panties in a bunch because the nearly two-dozen dissident GOP Reps are rallying behind Florida Congressman Byron Donalds for Speaker of the House instead of Kevin McCarthy.

Rep. Bush is clearly upset because Republicans are not allowed to have the first black man as Speaker of the House of Representatives affiliated with their party. In her small, small mind, those “historic” moments are reserved exclusively for the Democratic Party.

Progressive Rep. Cori Bush of Missouri on Wednesday lashed out at people who are lauding GOP Rep. Byron Donalds of Florida’s nomination for House Speaker as ‘historic.’
Donalds was nominated as conservatives’ alternative to embattled House GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy, whose quest for the gavel has been derailed by 20 lawmakers in his caucus including Donalds.
When announcing the nomination in the first round, Texas GOP Rep. Chip Roy noted the historic nature of having two black candidates for House Speaker. It came after Democrat Rep. Pete Aguilar nominated incoming Democratic Majority Leader Hakeem Jeffries for the gavel.
It earned a standing ovation from both sides of the House chamber – but Bush was not moved.
‘He is a prop,’ Bush, who is also black, wrote on Twitter on Wednesday afternoon.
‘Despite being Black, he supports a policy agenda intent on upholding and perpetuating white supremacy. His name being in the mix is not progress—it’s pathetic.’
Source: Daily Mail

It’s unclear why she’s so upset, because, if you read her tweet, Rep. Byron Donalds isn’t really black anyway.

Screenshot for posterity:

Speaking of what is pathetic, that tweet is grotesquely racist and pushes the same tired, old tropes that blacks are somehow beholden to the Democratic Party which has consistently failed them in every single area including propping up slavery and Jim Crow to rising crime in minority communities to failing educational outcomes and the systematic destruction of the black family.

Cori Bush is attacking a guy that was born in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, and made a success of himself as a businessman despite a couple of run-ins with the law when he was younger. He is now a proud Republican Congressman and a patriot who was a member of the Tea Party back in the early days of the movement.

It’s a disgusting attack from a woman who parlayed activism for grifting organization Black Lives Matter into a political career… and the clock is clearly ticking on the relevancy of that association.

At least she posted her stupid, stupid tweet from her personal Twitter account instead of her Congressional one.

This is the same woman who shouts “Black Lives Matter” constantly… but thinks that all black people should think the same way that she does or they’re “a prop… perpetuating white supremacy.”

Yours truly called her out for her very predictable take.

But I wasn’t the only one… many, many other people were calling her out for the disgraceful and disgusting tweet:

James Lindsay tweeted that this is just how Critical Race Theory plays out:

Rep. Byron Donalds also responded to Bush’s disgusting tweet:

Rep. Cori Bush’s overt bias against minority conservatives is absolutely shameful — unfortunately, it doesn’t appear that the woman is capable of shame.

There are far better role models out there than the bigot Cori Bush.

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