TLC Launched A New Horror Show Dressed Up As A ‘Dating’ Show… Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on January 16, 2023


It’s easy to judge the participants, but any real blame should rest on the shoulders of the audience for buying into this trash.

TLC, the ironically-named ‘Learning Channel’ launched a new ‘dating’ show. The obscenity in the title doubled as a spoiler.

Titled ‘MILF Manor’, this show features eight single women carried away to a tropical seaside location while they carry on with eight MUCH younger men.

The acronym ‘MILF’ was originally a misogynistic term originating from our over-sexualized and porn-saturated culture describing attractive middle-aged women as a ‘mother/mom I’d like to (expletive)’.

For reasons that would be difficult to reconcile with popular cultural denunciations of ‘toxic masculinity’, ‘patriatchy’, and ‘Me Too’ issues, a certain subsection of middle-aged women have embraced the term, seeking out young bucks to bring to their bedroom.

That was the general premise for this show, to which the women agreed.

Clips on the triler show closeups of washboard abs, some showboating of physical strength and agility. You know the drill. They’ve come here with the implicit understanding that they’re going to add some notches to their bedposts.

But, as the name implies, these 8 women happen to be actual moms. They happen to have 8 actual sons. Their sons are eligible, handsome, young adults.

You can see where this is going, right…?

Yep. The young bucks these 8 women in their fifties or so will be drooling over … are their sons.

Social media reaction to the show is mixed, but seems to be leaning heavily in the ‘against’ column.

Those who celebrate the acceleration of our society’s swirl down the toilet bowl of history are all-in.

The rest have reacted with some combination of disdain or horror.

Here’s a sampling of those in no particular order:

Where do they go from here? A version where women whose daughters have transitioned to identifying as men, who insist on being dated as if they were dudes, putting the moms’ commitment to the belief to the test?

If these women were dealing with a mid-life identity crisis, there are better ways to sort themselves out. They didn’t have to degrade themselves… and their sons by turning both into televised sex toys.

They might even have saved their dignity — and perhaps some avoidable penicillin — by reading a book that could give these sad women an identity worth embracing. We even have one in mind:

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