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TWITTER FILES: Adam Schiff & Other Dems Weaponized Russia Fears In Latest Release


Shifty Schiff always seems to be pencil-neck deep in every dirty-tricks scandal to weaponize government against Republicans. The Twitter Censorship scandal was no different.

Schiff was one of the elected Democrats who used the power of his position to bully Big Tech into censoring certain online voices.

The fact that Facebook was throwing users off their own platform en masse at the same time that Twitter was being pressured to produce evidence of evil Russian bot farms also suggests elected Democrats played a role in the infamous Facebook Purge that shut down so many right-of-center voices while kneecapping the reach of those of us who survived.

But that’s for Republican House oversight to sort out. Taibbi’s work focused on Twitter documents.

The latest Twitter Files information drop shows Democrat pressure from at least September of 2017 coming from Hillary Clinton, Adam Schiff, Mark Warner, (among others) for Twitter to dig up evidence of Russian collusion in past elections, and punish those bad actors. It wasn’t long before a combination of threats of unfriendly legislation, leaks, and salacious political headlines from friendly media sources were forcing Twitter to fall in line and ‘find’ Russian bad actors when potential bad actors had already been screened, vetted, and given the green light.

As you go through these tweets, pay particular attention to the dates, especially how quickly they went from trying to stay out of the spotlight while Facebook dealt with the mass deletion of accounts, to Hillary and Schiff alleging Russian use of Twitter, to Twitter ruling out any significant role of bad actors, to forming an anti-Russia task force, to hostile news stories by Politico, Buzzfeed, and WaPo, to magically finding all sorts of new accounts to take action against.

One tweet even gives away the store showing Twitter exec understood the magic formula being leveraged against them to bully them into compliance:

Here’s the thread:

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