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WATCH: Eddie Murphy’s 3 Pieces Of Life Advice Is Comedy GOLD


The Golden Globes awards came and went last night. In what was otherwise a yawnfest, one highlight in particular stands apart.

It has to do with the lifetime achievement award given to Eddie Murphy.

It’s not just the political right that has long since stopped caring about the Golden Globes. Even the folks over at USA Today are openly asking, ‘what’s the point’?

Here’s the rant they gave in response to the fact that the Golden Globes aired last night.

The Golden Globes came back last night. We were better off without them.
Yes, I’m talking about that awards show that’s like the Oscars, only drunker, cruder and crasser. The Globes are like your least favorite uncle at a family Thanksgiving – everyone has to tolerate the show as a part of the Hollywood adulation machine, but they’re also a bit embarrassed by it.
I wouldn’t fault you for not even knowing that the awkward third wheel of awards season aired Tuesday night on NBC. That’s because the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, which bestows the awards, was embroiled in scandals over the past few years over the lack of diversity in its membership and bribery and corruption allegations. Hollywood turned swiftly on the organization and its famously alcohol-fueled awards show as Tom Cruise returned his three trophies and studios and publicists threatened a boycott of the group. The 2022 pandemic-era Globes unfolded without an audience, a network home or nominees in attendance.
— USAToday

But the night wasn’t a complete waste. Eddie Murphy was given a lifetime achievement award. As you might expect, he was given a chance to say a few words.

Speaking to a room full of Hollywood types, he gave three pieces of life advice that really helped him, that he offered as guidance for others.

Here’s what he said:

That’s a pretty good start.

This is better:

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Wes Walker

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