HEY PARENTS: A 16yo Son Committed Suicide Over Internet Use — Don’t Let It Happen To Yours

Written by Wes Walker on February 21, 2023

Few things, if any, chill the blood of a parent as much as the possibility of harm happening to little junior, and the worst case of that kind of scenario is suicide.

It is precisely because such fears grab us by the throats that the would-you-rather-have-a-dead-son-or-a-live-daughter guilt trip tactics pushed by activists promoting gender transitions on children are so effective in cowing parents into submission.

While the evidence is mounting that such arguments employed by gender activists are dubious at best, that doesn’t mean real dangers pushing children into extinguishing their own lives aren’t a genuine threat against which parents need to arm themselves — and their children — in advance.

Such information came too late for parents of a sixteen-year-old boy, but his parents don’t want his tragedy to be wasted. They are using his tragic story to warn others and possibly save their lives.

What follows is that boy’s story.

A Mississippi father who lost his son to a growing “sextortion” trend targeting teen boys issued a stark warning for parents on their children’s social media access as the nationwide debate over cyber safety takes center stage.
Brian Montgomery lost his 16-year-old son Walker to the dangerous trend back in December, after he took his own life when he was extorted with explicit imagery.

According to the FBI, scammers from Nigeria had an elaborate, if straightforward, scam going. Someone posing as an attractive girl befriended him, claiming to have a ‘mutual acquaintance’.

Not surprisingly, the 16yo boy responded to the attention of an attractive girl. She coaxed him into video chat, which involved Walker involved in some kind of sexually-compromising position. They recorded the video chat.

That’s when the extortion began. They demanded $1000 from him, or else they would make the video of him public. He had no way to pay.

He saw no way out of his situation and began to panic.

“The information we collected shows that the pressure Walker was under was unbearable to the point that during this exchange, Walker finally tells them, ‘hey, I’m going to commit suicide, I’m going to kill myself,’ and they respond with, ‘go ahead, because you’re already dead,’ and as a parent, obviously, you hear that, and it’s heartbreaking.”
“But I want people to understand the evil… that is out there in the world that is after our kids,” he continued.
— FoxNews

What lesson does Walker’s dad want other parents to take away from this tragedy? Here he is in his own words:

“Don’t allow your children by themselves in a bedroom, in a bathroom, anywhere with these phones without supervision, because they’re not capable of understanding the dangers that are on the other side of it,” Montgomery told Dana Perino on Monday. “As a parent that’s something that I’m I have to live with as a regret because Walker obviously had access to his cell phone in his room by himself, and that’s a reality.”

“I’m telling that just because I want other parents to heed that warning, because it’s something you can do today to guard yourself against this,” he continued. –FoxNews

And for the rest of us, maybe this is a good opportunity to remind your kids that whatever trouble they might find themselves in — however embarrassing or horrible it might be — we will continue to love them through it and face it together, however we can, no matter how bleak things look.

It’s one thing to have that attitude. It’s another thing for the kid to truly believe it.

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