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Putin Uses Woke Leftists And Weak-Kneed Church Leaders To Legitimize Attacks On The West

Have you ever seen a fight where you come away hoping both participants will somehow manage to knock each other out? This story is a little bit like that.

You need not be a fan of Putin to admit that he can use legitimate criticisms of Western failings as justification for his own indefensible acts and positions.

It doesn’t take a political science degree to know Putin is a Bad Man.™ Just ask anyone who knew Alexander Litvinenko, the Russian defector who died of Polonium radiation poisoning, or Alexei Navalny who nearly died after his tea was poisoned. And that’s not even looking at the reckless disregard for life Putin has for foreigners.

But just like Democrats can’t tell any story without a backdrop of how eeeevil those Mega-MAGA Trump supporters are, Putin knows that for him to get popular support for his indefensible actions, he needs to maximize the negatives of the villain in the story he is spinning.

Just like the Secular Left, he believes the West is the embodiment of all that is evil. Like China, he’s happy to use our own ignorant protesters’ angry, propagandistic talking points about us (or the 1619 Project, but I repeat myself) as if they were gospel truth.

It’s not just the political left that is making his job easy for him.

Hireling pulpiteers have done at least as much damage.

Putin has specifically made reference to bishops and priests who have bowed the knee to culture, rather than Holy Writ, gladly dropping their pinch of incense onto the fire when called upon to say ‘Caesar Is Lord’ instead of following the path of the faithful who were flogged, jailed, and worse for defiantly replying to that demand with ‘Jesus is Lord’.

The Church of England has chosen ‘friendship with the world’ which is defined in the Book of James as ‘enmity with God’. (James 4:4)

Putin levels a harsh critique of Western culture… citing specific cultural issues that are central to the agenda the Colonialist Secular Left has been pushing, both here and abroad.

Delivering a state-of-the-nation address to the Russian people today, Putin railed against perceived Western stupidity and said the West was waging a culture war against Russian Orthodox Christian values.
‘The Anglican Church is considering a gender-neutral God. May God forgive them for they know not what they do,’ Putin declared.
‘Millions of people in the West understand they are being led to a real spiritual catastrophe,’ he added.
He went on to accuse Western nations of changing historical facts to suit ‘woke’ ideologies and staunchly criticised the Church’s recent discussions on allowing priests to ‘bless’ same-sex marriages.
‘They distort historical facts, constantly attack our culture, the Russian Orthodox Church, and other traditional religions of our country.
‘Look at what they do with their own peoples: the destruction of the family, cultural and national identity, perversion, and the abuse of children are declared the norm. And priests are forced to bless same-sex marriages,’ Putin said.

This is one of the objections we’ve had with the political hijacking of the institutional church for generations. In the words of the apostle Paul: For, as it is written, “The name of God is blasphemed among the Gentiles because of you.” (Rom 2:24)

Even wicked men like Putin can see the enormous difference between Christ’s call to ‘go and sin no more’ versus the modern church’s decision to ‘call no more sin’.

And if the national leaders are actively subverting society, suddenly Putin’s claims that he is fighting against the real villain take on a certain plausibility among any audience that might be looking for a reason to justify their own side.

We would never have conceded that moral high ground had we not conceded the morals that ground was built upon.

By providing genuine accusations about the West’s moral bankruptcy, when Putin pivoted and pushed the claim that NATO started this war, his audience would already have sound reasons to believe the West might be capable of such a thing.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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