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Houston-Based Tanzanian Fashion Designer Claims Creepy, Non-Binary Ex-Biden Official Stole Her Luggage In 2018

It looks like Sam Brinton has been wearing a designer’s missing custom-made clothing for the past 4 years.

In December 2022, Brinton was fired from his position as deputy assistant secretary for spent fuel and waste disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy after he was charged after two separate alleged airport luggage theft incidents — one in Minnesota and the other in Nevada.

ClashDaily covered the suitcase swiping here:

We also covered that the guy is very, very creepy:

It would seem that his obsession with nabbing women’s designer luggage has been going on for some time.

On Monday, Asya Khamsin, a Tanzanian fashion designer based out of Houston, Texas, claims that Brinton stole her suitcase back in 2018 because he’s been photographed wearing the custom-made clothing that went missing since at least 2018.

Asya Khamsin, who has designed and hand-made her own clothing line for years, said she recently saw a report that Brinton had been charged with stealing multiple pieces of luggage across the country and noticed that the former official appeared to be wearing her clothes in several photos. Khamsin said she had packed the same clothes in a bag that vanished on March 9, 2018, at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.
“I saw the images. Those were my custom designs, which were lost in that bag in 2018,” she told Fox News Digital in an interview. “He wore my clothes, which was stolen.”
Khamsin added that she had flown to Washington, D.C., to attend an event where she was invited to put her clothing on display. However, the disappearance of her bag prevented her from participating.
Shortly after the apparent theft of her bag, she and her husband filed a police report with the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Police Department, but the case was never solved. They also filed a claim with Delta Air Lines, which is the airline that she used to travel from Houston to Washington, D.C.
In communications between Khamsin and Delta Air Lines officials from March 2018 shared with Fox News Digital, Khamsin pleaded for help locating her bag, saying that it contained expensive clothes, shoes, jewelry and other personal belongings.
Source: Fox News (Emphasis added)

It would seem that Brinton’s fetish for stealing women’s suitcases and then wearing their clothing as a costume prevented this female designer from showcasing her designs.

Khamsin says that after she saw a Fox News report about Brinton’s sticky fingers at airport luggage carousels in mid-December, she noticed that images of him were in what appeared to be her missing designs. She contacted the Houston Police Department on December 16 and received a call from the FBI’s Minnesota Field Office in late January.

“Houston police, I guess, they [sent] the case to the FBI in Minnesota,” Khamsin’s husband told Fox News Digital. “He called to say, ‘I’m [with] the FBI, I’m working on this case.’ Then my wife gave him the information and we didn’t hear anything. We don’t know whether the case is on. We don’t know whether the case is cold.”
Source: Fox News

It certainly looks open and shut.

Khamsin provided even more receipts on Twitter.

Other internet sleuths combed through Brinton’s social media comparing his photos to Khamsin’s Instagram posts and found more examples.

A few meme-makers had a field day with their reactions to the tweet.

Brinton seems to have really liked Khamsin’s clothes.

It’s funny… but it’s also not funny.

While Vanity Fair was ooo-ing and ahh-ing over Brinton’s style at a June 2018 Trevor Project event in NYC…

…the dress appears to be ripped from Khamsin’s collection.

Will there be repercussions for his actions?

Brinton’s womanface fetish has caused real-life harm to an actual woman and her business.

And she’s a black woman which would normally make the Leftists shout about this from the rooftops.

But they won’t this time.

That’s because in the Left’s identity politics hierarchy, a fetishistic, cleptomaniac, non-binary they/them ranks higher than a Tanzanian woman married to a man — even if said Tanzanian woman is an immigrant.

Let’s hope that there’s enough pressure to get Asya Khamsin some justice here.

Brinton needs to compensate this woman for stealing her luggage, clothing, and jewelry. He should also be made to compensate her for preventing her from participating in that 2018 D.C. event to showcase her designs, as well as the economic losses that resulted from it… not to mention the distress that that missing bag in 2018 caused her.

That sounds like it could add up to a whole lot pretty quickly.

Brinton’s name should be a byword and he should be shunned because he demands that he has the right to flaunt his sexual fetish of dressing in stolen women’s clothing and if you say anything about it, then you’re the bigot.

Christina Pushaw, Rapid Response Director for Governor Ron DeSantis put it all in perspective…


Catenacci, Thomas. “Female fashion designer alleges Sam Brinton wore her clothing that disappeared from airport in 2018.” Fox News. February 23, 2023.

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