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Preachy Pete Finally Shows Up In East Palestine After Being Shamed By Trump And Others

After weeks of Biden and his appointees steadfastly ignoring a train derailment-turned-environmental-disaster, Buttigieg was finally shamed into showing his face there.

Just yesterday, we saw a video of Trump showing up on the scene with a couple of truckloads filled with water bottles. The crowd gathered around him, passed hats for him to sign, and said things like, ‘Thank you for not forgetting about us’.

Trump was asked what his message was to Biden before he leaves. POTUS 45 answered: ‘Get Over Here’.

Before he left, he popped into a MacDonald’s, joked with the staff, and picked up the tab for Macdonald’s meals for a crowd of police officers, fire fighters, and anyone else who happened to be in the restaurant at the time.

Trump isn’t even in office but he made some kind of an effort to look after the hurting and terrified people of East Palestine, many of whom are both afraid to stay in their homes, and unable to sell and move away after the decision to go ahead with this so-called ‘controlled burn’.

Yesterday, after Trump made his appearances and talked to the people, Petey B. blew off a reporter who was asking him questions about East Palestine, he was on ‘personal time’.

Are you going down there, he was asked. “um… [pause] yep. I am.”

When asked WHEN he would personally be going to East Palestine, he ducked the question.

That clip blew up on social media.

So Pete showed up early the next morning at the crash site itself in some spiffy new duds.

There is probably no truth to any rumor that his outfit came as part of a set with five other costumes…

… but it might make for a funny meme.

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