NEWS OF THE WEIRD: Stoned Dogs, Severed Hands, And Spooky Coincidences

Written by Wes Walker on February 14, 2023


We’ve collected a few weird stories that aren’t quite big enough to be stand-alone stories, so we bundled them for you.

1. Stoned Dogs

Here’s an argument you probably NEVER heard when debates were raging on whether or not to legalize pot: won’t somebody PLEASE think of the puppies?

But as it happens, pets getting stoned on cannabis is a pretty significant problem.

Vets are now treating several pets a week for cannabis exposure. Dogs have more cannabinoid receptors than people, meaning they are more susceptible to the effects of exposure. Dogs have been known to ingest the unsmoked ends of joints or edibles like gummies or chocolate, besides the obvious exposure due to smoke inhalation.

While exposure can be fatal, or require a stomach pump, pet exposure can have other significant medical consequences, including requiring anxiety medication.

2. Severed Hands

Anyone old enough to remember it will recall Disney’s Aladdin changing the lyrics of its opening song because the line ‘where they cut off your hand if they don’t like your face, it’s barbaric, but hey, it’s home!’ was considered insensitive.

It looks like Sudan never got that particular memo.

Three Sudanese men were convicted of stealing gas cylinders two weeks ago, and they became the first people in a decade to receive the sentence of hand amputation.

In a country where a military coup changed government leadership 15 months ago, this is a worrying sign for various rights groups that remain concerned the country might return to a practice of state extremism.

Apologists of Sharia law might want to remind themselves that this IS the Sharia-approved punishment for theft:

Al-Nawawi may Allah have mercy upon him said in his commentary on Saheeh Muslim (Hadeeth collection): Al-Shaafa’i, Abu Haneefah, Maalik and the majority (of scholars) may Allah have mercy upon them said: “The hand should be cut off from the wrist, where the hand meets the forearm.” Al-Qurtubi may Allah have mercy upon him said: “All the scholars said: The hand should be cut off from the wrist, not as some of the innovators do when they cut off the fingers and leave the thumb.”IslamWeb

If that weren’t already weird enough for ya, how about this twist:

Sudan sits on the UN Human Rights council

3. Spooky Coincidences

You’ve probably heard about the novel that accurately predicted most of the key facts of the Titanic disaster. That’s weird enough, but it does help that it was written as a warning based on known safety violations at the time.

What about something a little closer to home and strangely specific?

Like a train disaster flick filmed not far from East Palestine Ohio, late last year.

Let’s go weirder still: what if we told you that some of the extras in that disaster movie came in from … you guessed it, East Palestine, Ohio?

When Ben Ratner’s family signed up in 2021 to be extras in the movie “White Noise,” they thought it would be a fun distraction from their day-to-day life in blue-collar East Palestine, Ohio.
…The 2022 movie was shot around Ohio and is based on a novel by Don DeLillo. The book was published in 1985, shortly after a chemical disaster in Bhopal, India, that killed nearly 4,000 people. The book and film follow the fictional Gladney family – a couple and their four kids – as they flee an “airborne toxic event” and then return home and try to resume their normal lives.
Ratner tried to rewatch the movie a few days ago and found that he couldn’t finish it.
“All of a sudden, it hit too close to home,” he said.
Ratner and his family – his wife, Lindsay, and their kids, Lilly, Izzy, Simon and Brodie – are living the fiction they helped bring to the screen.

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