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OOPS: What Don Lemon Said About This Female Conservative Landed Him In Hot Water (VIDEO)

News flash, Don: if even Poppy Harlow is backing away from your partisan statement, you’ve probably just stepped in it. Big-time.

Don Lemon is a typical CNN mid-wit.

He’s one of those unfortunate souls who does not know the difference between having a little more vocabulary and education than the average bear and actually being a Mensa member.

Don thinks he is so wonderfully intelligent that he can talk down to everyone else, which is why so many of the rest of us think he’s so tragically hilarious.

Here he is responding to Nikki Haley’s criticism of politicians in their 80s being ‘past their prime’. She wants politicians over seventy-five years old to complete mental competency tests. Seeing as we already do something similar for drivers’ licenses above a certain age, there is a certain logic to it.

But Lemon thought it would be a good idea to turn that criticism back on Nikki Haley, who, at fifty-one years old, is slightly more than half of Joe Biden’s current age.

In a clip only 43 seconds long, Don digs a hole so deep for himself that even Poppy Harlow isn’t willing to throw him a rope to climb out of it.

“This whole talk about age makes me uncomfortable. I think it’s the wrong road to go down. She says people, you know, politicians are suddenly not in their prime. Nikki Haley isn’t in her prime. Sorry, When a woman is in their prime in 20s and 30s and maybe 40s…”

*Record scratch*

Let me get this straight. The same network that can’t even give a straight answer to the definition of what a woman is can suddenly opine that a woman in her professional life has a different shelf life for being ‘in her prime’ than a man does?

Don might not be intelligent enough to grasp the sublte difference here, but cognitive decline in advanced senior years is NOT the same as being in your years of peak fertility.

Poppy tried to rein Lemon in, asking what he meant by prime. But this train wasn’t stopping.

But ‘don’t blame the messanger’. These aren’t his own numbers. Ask Google. They’re objective facts.

‘Objective facts’, says the guy who would rage at anyone asking if dudes competing in women’s sports might have been a step too far. ‘Ask Google’.

Maybe Lemon hasn’t gotten the memo yet, but running for President isn’t the same as looking for a spouse to start a family with. If being fifty-one is ‘past your prime’ for women in leadership, what would he have to say bout Maxine Watters, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, or even the notorious Ruth Bader Ginsberg?

If a Republican said this about a Democrat, he’d be cleaning out his desk and escorted out by security. But not Don Lemon. He can spout nonsense with impunity. Because he’s on CNN, and nobody’s watching anyway.

Here’s a better search term to plug into your favorite search engine than the one he suggested. ‘Is Don Lemon a sexist’?

Feel free to screenshot your results and tag him in it. You could even give it a spiffy hashtag like #LemonSexist.

The guy craves attention so badly, let’s give him some.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck