WATCH: Spiritual Awakening Hits Asbury College — Here’s The 411

Written by Wes Walker on February 16, 2023

It’s the packed-out marathon church service that started — and somehow, days later, it never ended.

Asbury College in Kentucky normally has three chapel services in a week. But on Feb 8, something different happened.

As student body president, Alison Perfator explains, it began as an ordinary chapel service with praise and worship music and a speaker.

But something big shifted as one student came forward and confessed his sins… it became a packed-out worship service that hasn’t ended since.

Young people have been showing up from all over the world and they have had to set up multiple overflow chapels to accomodate the crowds.

When asked who is coming, Alison had no answer. They’re people she never knew before and they’re coming from everywhere.

Clearly, such religious ‘revivals’ or ‘awakenings’ are not unheard of around the world. Two especially significant ones that shaped US history are remembered as the First and Second Great Awakenings.

There are all sorts of videos out there showing the lines, or a clip of what’s going on inside.

In the interest of fair reporting on what’s happening, we found a clip almost 4 hours long in which you can scann through and see how full the venue is, who it is attracting, and what everyone inside is doing.

Sound and video quality is coming from a phone, so it’s not the best, but it does let our readers draw their own conclusions about whether this looks like the real deal or not.

Whether it’s a message of hype or a message of hope.

Whatever you make of the content itself, seeing young people gather together around what looks like a gospel message rather than the kind of secular cultural poison pumped into their souls at so many other college environments is a refreshing change.

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