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Russian Pipeline Explosion: The Whodunit Behind The Death Of Nordstream Is No Longer A Mystery


September 26, 2022. That was the day Europe’s energy picture was forever changed.

With a sudden drop of pressure in the pipeline and a wide pool of bubbles in the ocean, it became clear that something BIG had happened to the pipelines Russia used to supply Europe with a steady supply of cheap natural gas.

Left-wing blog Vox was a fairly typical example of early reporting of the event, hinting at Russian culpability and going straight to the ‘conspiracy theory’ pre-bunking of any possiblity of US involvement.

Right now, though European and US officials are calling this a deliberate act, they have not directly laid out the potential suspects. Officials in several countries, including Germany, Sweden, and Denmark, are investigating the origins of the leak. But unofficially, many in Europe are accusing Russia of the sabotage, given the EU believes the Kremlin has a track record of trying to weaponize energy. Moscow likely has the capability and equipment to carry out such an operation, and an incentive to keep putting pressure on Europe as Vladimir Putin escalates his war effort. The Kremlin has called it “stupid and absurd” to blame Russia for the Nord Stream leaks — and is likely gleeful at the percolating conspiracy theories that blame the United States.

Here on ClashDaily, meanwhile, we took a more balanced approach.

Like any good whodunit, you could easily present compelling evidence to damn any of the plausible suspects — Russia, USA, Europe, China, Finland, or even Ukraine — and present reasons why each could party use this development either to further a financial goal, a political goal, or a military goal.

Knowing how the leftist press loves to throw around ‘misinformation’ labels we look forward to them scrambling to say how they were *ackshually* right about who was behind the sabotage all along.

What made our site different from those clowns is that WE recognized that having thoughts about possible explanations and having absolute certainty about uncertain events are NOT the same thing. But I digress. Back to the pipeline.

In the intervening months, one international player after another have been scratched off from the list of plausible suspects, with certain circumstantial evidence making American players look especially suspicious.

That evidence included both the State Department and the President himself making unequivocal statements about confidence in their ability to bring an end to Russia’s cash cow of bringing natural gas to Europe.

Looking at those statements with the benefit of hindsight AFTER the pipelines became little more an enormously expensive underwater abstract sculpture makes it look like Joe was holding a smoking gun.

Now, thanks to the investigative reporting of Seymore Hersh, we know a lot more than circumstantial evidence.

We now know names, dates, methods, and who was in the meeting.

We can summarize some of the high points, but the very long substack story (link below) will cover the blow-by-blow details.

With Joe Biden and his inner circle at the center of the story, an elaborate plan was hatched.

In it, you will see familiar names like Jake Sullivan, Secretary of State Tony Blinken, and Victoria Nuland. You will see why a particular kind of Navy diver was preferred above all others. You will see which country allowed us to use their ports as a base of operations, and what (recently decommissioned) platform we worked from.

We needed a plausible reason to be there. (Our guys came up with one.)

The explosive charges were only one part of the problem. We also had to find a way for the explosion NOT to be traced back to us, since Biden’s advisors were concerned this would be viewed as an Act Of War against Russia.

A very creative solution was developed on the fly and, as we can all see, the plan worked.

Of course, how Putin responds now that the secret has come out remains to be seen.

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Seymore Hersh’s Substack

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