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Super Bowl Pic Of Kari Lake Sets Her Up As The Anti-Kaepernick


In the last administration, Trump served as a voice for the pushback against Colin K’s take a knee movement.

That particular political movement has faded away but identitarian politics are still alive and well, looking for new ways to divide us. Amid the brief explosion of popularity of BLM, before the scandal-shrouded group melted back into the shadows, it managed to wrest a concession from the NFL. The playing of a supposed ‘black’ anthem, sandwiched between America the Beautiful and

We all know the rule, don’t we? It’s just like the rules would be in Stalin’s USSR, Mao’s China, or even North Korea. Anyone seen NOT showing enthusiastic fealty to the command of the regime will face punishment. It’s like a dangerously weaponized version of the Emporer’s New Clothes.

In the children’s story, all it took to break the spell was a little courage and a refusal to buy into the lie. This photo represents a similar spirit.

While everyone on the left jumped to their overworked talking points of ‘racism’, the Kari Lake War Room Twitter account gave an explanation for the ‘why’… with a little twist of the knife reminding the world about the twice-convicted bigot she ran against.

Here are two more tweets that clarify her position.

First, regarding the supposed ‘black anthem’ she tweeted this:

Second, regarding her opponent, she tweeted this:

Whatever the court ruling in her case turns out to be, public support for her does NOT seem to be slowing down.

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Wes Walker

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