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Creepy Teacher Dismisses ‘Myth’ Of Childhood Innocence… Pushes Sex Talk With Toddlers


When Ron DeSantis passed a law forbidding teachers from discussing certain explicit topics with our youngest students, it was monsters like this that he had in mind.

There WAS no ‘don’t say gay’ bill in Florida. But there WAS a don’t-talk-about-sex-to-second-graders bill. That bill is now signed into law.

Meanwhile, in California, one teacher has a very different attitude to teaching children. For him, sex isn’t just important, it is EVERYTHING.

Meet William Villalpando, teacher of pre-k students not only thinks that young students CAN handle conversations about sexualized topics, but that failing to do so can cause actual harm.

Villalpando further insisted that children can ‘have a sense of their gender identity’ at three to four months.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Villalpando argued that shielding children from the discussion can lead to them becoming confused about their own sexuality.
‘Parents haven’t already had conversations about these things with their kids, that kids don’t know, that they might be intersex, that they might be a gender… non-binary.
‘And really, children have a right to see themselves in our classrooms. It’s not okay to just forget about them or push them out just because it might make us uncomfortable or may make others uncomfortable.’
The pre-k teacher added the teachings help students learn at a young age to ask others for their pronouns.
Villalpando has also appeared on an number of Podcasts, including The Play Based Learning Podcast to talk about gender and sexuality
. — DailyMail

Only two explanations for this level of interest in sexualizing children come to mind. One is that someone is deliberately trying to groom them to be open to sexual experimentation at a very young age, and the other is your typical cult behavior.

History has long since shown that these motivations are NOT mutually exclusive.

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