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WATCH: House Republican TORCHES Biden’s Secure Border Blather With Brutal Facts

Joe Biden has spent the last two years telling America that the border is ‘secure’, even as he did everything he could to hamper the work of the men and women tasked with defending it.

Meanwhile, the GOP has opened up oversight hearings onto what’s really going on.

Here’s a highlight from those hearings.

I’m old enough to remember when Democrats wrapped themselves in MeToo and Times’Up movements, put on silly pink hats in supposed solidarity with women, and when elected Democrats shouted the need for us to ‘believe all victims’ (Presumably, that includes the asterisk and notation, ‘all women NOT named Juanita Broaddrick or Tara Reade’.)

AOC grabbed a camera crew, wore a spiffy white outfit, and cried performative tears outside of a parking lot over the supposed suffering of migrants in Trump’s handling of the border. But now that women are routinely raped as they stream over in the millions… her eyes have gone mysteriously dry.

But don’t take a politician’s word for it.

Someone following the path the ‘migrants’ take came across a crime scene of proportions that it would be font-page news if it happened in a US city.

But because nobody sees what happens to the women, girls, and even boys being smuggled into America, AOC can pretend it doesn’t exist and isn’t her problem.

According to their own leaked Memo, the broken border is part of the long game to win political power and keep it.

It’s far easier for Dems to moralize about America’s failings concerning a Trail of Tears from yesteryear than it is to look in the mirror at the one they are creating today.

Maybe that explains why Trump’s Build the Wall message resonated so well… and why this is one of the most popular items from the ClashDaily store that keeps us from having to put up a paywall.

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