When Ambushed Over Romney’s Criticism Of Santos, McCarthy’s Reply Was GLORIOUS (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on February 9, 2023


This is exactly the kind of done-with-the-press-BS leadership Republican voters have been waiting for.

There is nothing the press would rather talk about than one member of the GOP slagging another.

It’s the perfect controlled narrative for a Democrat ally. Whether the person being questioned agrees or disagrees with the question asked, the story will automatically highligh Red-on-red conflict.

There’s only one way out of such a trap: don’t take the bait.

In the years between Reagan and Trump, that was a lesson Republican leadership never seemed ready to learn.

But Trump came in like a wrecking ball and changed the rules of engagement. You don’t have to flinch when the attack. You swing right back.

‘Wrecking Ball’ is the metaphor used by many, but on reflection, ‘Ice Breaker’ (the ship not the quip) might be a little more apt.

Trump was the fearless take-a-beating-and-keep-on-coming politician that loved nothing better than a public brawl with his media opponent of the day. It was almost like exposure therapy. Republican politicians saw that, even when they throw everything they’ve got at you, you can live through it.

Here is McCarthy demonstrating we’ve finally got an elected leader who has learned that lesson.

A reporter tries to get him on the record about the red-on-red comments in which Romney sought out Santos on the night of the SOTU so that he could do what he does best: deliver a self-righteous and petty snipe at someone on his side of the aisle.

Rather than give more oxygen to that issue, McCarthy took it and reframed it to exactly the kind of story the press does NOT want to talk about — criticism of the Democrats.

It’s a short clip, but effective.

McCarthy didn’t acknowledge the question on CNN’s terms, making the personal failings of an infamously compromised Democrat Eric Swalwell the main issue.

In the meantime, maybe this answer will help remind Mittens which team he really plays for… if in fact, he still stands by the (R) after his name.

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