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Yo, Patriots: The Taliban Has Found A ‘Good Use’ For Our Military Bases — Here’s The 411

In case all the other insanity we’ve seen in DC in the past year and a half has already made you forget, Joe Biden’s bungling of Afghanistan has had many consequences.

Here’s a quick recap of what the media hopes you have already forgotten before we move into what the Taliban is doing now.

We left behind military hardware and cold, hard cash, sure. We emptied the prison of terrorists, one of whom blew himself up during our hasty retreat and took thirteen of our own with him… not to mention countless locals maimed and killed.

Our Pentagon boasted of a ‘righteous strike’ that murdered a man and his family, while failing to bring locals who risked their lives to help us safely beyond the reach of the Taliban they had been helping us to fight. We also left behind convenient lists of who our contacts are, and where they could be found.

And the big prize was the bases we left behind themselves. Bahgram is the big one, but others, too. This brings us up to date so we can see their big announcement…

Following a thorough discussion, it was decided that the Ministry of Industry and Commerce should progressively take control of the remaining military bases of the foreign forces with the intention of converting them into special economic zones,” Mullah Baradar said as per Reuters adding that the pilot plan would begin to convert bases in the capital Kabul and in northern Balkh province.
This comes as Afghanistan’s economy struggles with aid agencies warning of a severe humanitarian crisis since the Taliban took over in 2021 after US troop withdrawal which resulted in the freezing of foreign-held central bank assets and sanctions enforced on the banking sector.

That’s right. The ‘gift’ of US bases that Joe Biden left behind in Afghanistan will provide the infrastructure the Taliban (who, you will remember, have forbidden girls to go to school), will use as a platform to rebuild their economy.

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is drawing down our Strategic Oil Reserves, taking on crippling debt, and gutting our military to fund what our Framers might have called ‘adventurism’ abroad.

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Wes Walker

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