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ACTUAL African Woman Schools Kaepernick For Whining About His ‘Problematic’ White Adoptive Parents

Activist and professional attention whore (but I repeat myself) Colin Kaepernick has been really missing out.

Poor Colin. After working so hard to inflame racial grievances in America, he’s been punted to the side while people far better at playing the game of professional victim get to leverage the resulting social angst for fame and profit.

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Poor Colin had to console himself with the millions in endorsements Nike paid him from the (alleged?) Uyghur slave labor who made Chinese sneakers while others hogged the spotlight he helped fashion.

But now he’s teamed up with (of course) a Chicago college prof to tell the world about (you guessed it!) Colin Kaepernick.

Here they both are pitching a graphic novel on a CBS mornings interview.

Change the Game is billed by CBS as a ‘coming of age’ story, describing his journey of ’embracing his blackness’, ‘despite resistance from many including his white adoptive parents’.

‘They loved me’, he says, but he still publicly calls them problematic and racist. The example he gives is his hairstyle.

When he wanted corn rows, like his sports hero, his parents told him it made him look unprofessional. That made them racists, apparently, who were opposed to his ‘blackness’.

That’s a big accusation to be slinging at your own parents in public just so you can cash in a fresh batch of victimhood chips. Were you taking notes from watching the Megan-Harry victimhood tour? Did your publicist figure that was your best on-ramp back into cultural relevance?

Lets see what a black woman and activist who is both FROM Africa and still LIVING in Africa has to say about Colin K’s understanding about what it ‘really’ means to be black.

Lemme guess. ‘What could she know’ about being black, right? She’s just FROM Africa.

Here are some of the other responses.

And probably the classiest takedown of the bunch…

Ouch. Instead of pitching THAT book about his victimhood, Colin ought to be reading something that will help him shake off that losing mentality and step into a higher calling that actually changes lives for the better. This would be a good start:

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