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CHECKMATE: After Dems Whined About Tucker’s Selective Reveals … McCarthy Turns The Tables (VIDEO)

When the ‘uniparty’ of Chuck Schumer and Mitch McConnell denounced the Tucker Carlson J6 reporting, they wanted LESS public access to the security footage. They must be absolutely furious now.

For two years, we’ve had a media blackout on any J6 footage not revealed by ‘official sources’. By Official Sources, we mean the narrative creators of Nanci Pelosi, the Biden White House, and the DOJ.

When the gavel changed hands and McCarthy delivered on that promised transparency, we got to watch the left begin what looks suspiciously similar to a collective version of the stages of grief. Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance.

We’ve had two years of suppression, to the point that even defendants were unable to access exculpatory evidence. They were enraged that Tucker was going to get it, and looked for ways to stop it. They tried to appeal to the better nature of owners and managers of Fox News to pressure Tucker to stop it. But Pandora’s Box is open and there’s no closing it now.

The card they were relying on since his story came to light is the deeply ironic (and frankly, confession-by-projection) tactic of accusing Tucker of cherrypicking stories that bolster his preferred narrative.

As if the J6 Select Committee hasn’t been busted shoveling enough bullsh**t narratives for that accusation to be meaningless by now.

Every trick they tried to silence him and deep-six the release of the footage has failed.

And they’re about to lose that one fall-back card they have to play.

McCarthy has announced that once any footage that might compromise actual operational security logistics has been redacted, the full footage of the day will be made available to the public.

The fun part about this clip is when McCarthy talks about his conversations with Tucker about whether anything in the footage was sensitive. One was, in their opinion, and the video was changed to reflect that.

Meanwhile, Democrats who claimed the release of such information was dangerous had nothing to say about Swalwell positing an uncensored clip showing the very same exit that Tucker was asked not to show or Pelosi’s daughter showing footage from the secret & secure location where Politicians and staffers had been taken during the emergency situation.

Do they really care about security questions? Or just about controlling the narrative?

He twists the knife by pointing out CNN having an hour in Statuary Hall for a propaganda special pushing their own favorite telling of that day’s storyline.

Shifting from facts to analysis… what lessons can be learned here?

Let’s quickly review what he did in this strategy that made it so successful.

For two long years, Pelosi (etc) sat on information that would have totally destroyed her very lucrative political narrative. It was lucrative in the sense that it discredited their political opponents by painting them as totalitarian enemies of the Republic. Slander the people as dangerous and you don’t have to defeat their actual ideas. It was also an avenue for the Democrat House to collect information that no judge would have signed a police warrant to provide… and then hand their findings over to the DOJ with a recommendation for criminal charges… as a way to sidestep all manner of civil protections enumerated in the Bill of Rights and elsewhere.

The gavel changed hands, and now McCarthy has direct oversight over Capitol security, as Pelosi did before him. First he declared his intention of making it public.

The hue and cry of the left and the media turned it into a major story.

Then he gave Tucker exclusive access. The red-hot hate and envy the left’s media apparatus has toward FoxNews made it impossible to ignore this story. Tucker has huge ratings and several media platforms. Not just conventional TV, but streaming, too.

The media twisted in the wind for three weeks and then Tucker announced the video. His haters amplified it, before and after. They tried to debunk it, decry it, and shout it down.

But the Streisand effect kicked in and ramped up curiosity — what don’t the insiders want us to see? Audiences flocked to see it. On consecutive days. It drove the news cycle. It hit unexpected themes — like the DOJ cruelly prosecuting a man who had walked quietly down the halls while cops opened doors for him.

In attacking the story, you generated more interest. IS it cherry-picked? If so, by which side? What ELSE weren’t we told? WAS Sicknick really walking around long after he had supposedly been clubbed in the head by a fire extinguisher? Who’s telling the truth here?

Like Buzzfeed publishing the infamous (and debunked) Steele Dossier, Tucker publishing these videos made it ‘safe’ for other media to do the same.

It’s no longer a question of media personalities afraid of hurting certain Democrat narratives — this story is now a jump ball. It’s already in the bloodstream, so to speak.

Now that everyone’s talking about it, minds are being changed — like Naomi Wolf who has given a LONG apology for being gullible enough to buy into so much of the anti-conservative media Bulls**t for so long.

Changed minds must come BEFORE changed policy.

That will be true whether we’re talking about J6, Biden family corruption, border policy, or any of a litany of Biden’s newly-adopted woke American Marxist agendas.

For example: all the zeal in the world of individual Republicans to impeach Biden won’t matter a damn until the public is convinced. But once the public is convinced (as they were with Nixon) even the most devoted partisan in the Democrat party dare not back the losing side against a wave of public opinion.

Is it any wonder the uniparty hated Trump for calling out the FakeNews on their narrtives from day one?

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