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Christians: Here’s How To Brace Yourself For The Constant Cultural ‘Power Slap’

[EDITOR’S NOTE: For those unfamiliar, “Power Slap” is a strong-man combat sport where contestants slap each other in the face to win the title. The hit must be open-handed, below the eye and above the chin. Blocking, flinching, or any other form of resistance is not permitted. “Power Slap: Road to the Title” airs on Rumble and is produced by UFC President Dana White.]

No matter where you look, you find unprecedented chaos, a daily power slap. Sure, for 6,000 years we’ve suffered chaos. Today, however, thanks to our incredible ability to communicate and share information, the chaos is compounding exponentially.

There is little need to recount recent atrocities. It is enough to say that the poison touches our souls hourly at least. The heartbroken reach new lows of brokenness. Others become more and more callous. Atrocities come at an accelerated pace, the last more brutal than the one before. Vast populations of people are moving from demoralization to clinical depression to substance abuse and suicide.

Psychosis proliferates keeping pace with horrendous violence. One really cannot overstate the case: we are witnessing hell on earth.

Had we told you only five years ago that today governments globally would force injections that are in reality weapons, you would have called us insane. If we declared only five years ago that tensions would make talk of nuclear war probable, you’d have called us hysterical fearmongers. And if we told you the killing of newborns would be called healthcare, you’d have accused us of disinformation.

The depths of our own depravity are unfathomable. Throughout history, we have made the fatal error of relying on our own ‘wisdom,’ and for that, we are reaping all things hellacious.

Yet there is hope. It will only be realized when we turn in genuine devotion to the source of hope. His infinite voice throughout the universe offers love, and peace, reconciliation and redemption. He is known by many names — King of Kings, Lord of Lords, God Almighty, the Lamb of God, Messiah, Christ, Jesus of Nazareth, Prince of Peace.

Soon, He will return to His creation, bringing the New Heaven and the New Earth, wiping away every tear, restoring His kingdom, forever.

To know Him is to know Peace, no matter the chaos.

Allan Erickson

Allan Erickson---Christian, husband, father, journalist, businessman, screenwriter, and author of The Cross & the Constitution in the Age of Incoherence, Tate Publishing, 2012.