Did Merrick Garland Lie To Congress About SCOTUS Protection Protocols?

Written by Wes Walker on March 29, 2023

When Garland appeared before the current Congress recently, he was asked pointed questions about the role of the DOJ, and whether there has been partisan preference shown in the application of the law.

Specific examples included unequal handling of FACE act violations (pre-dawn raid of pro-life home over case locals had refused to prosecute vs a failure to prosecute Jane’s Revenge activists actively coordinating firebombings and vandalism of .churches and crisis pregnancy centers) as well as the failure of law enforcement to arrest any of the protesters unlawfully outside the homes of several Supreme Court Justices.

When pressed on that question Garland gave Congress the excuse that he isn’t the one they should be talking to about this question because the Marshals on the ground are the ones making decisions about arrests.

Clearly, he was leaving Congress with the impression that he, Merrick Garland, bears no responsibility for decisions made by independent agents. But is this impression he gave to Congress deliberately deceptive?

Sure, other people made decisions about how to enforce the laws and who should and should not be arrested… but did Garland or his office have any role in shaping decisions that he claimed were being made independently of his control?

If it can be shown that he did, suddenly, he’s no longer the innocent spectator in this drama that he made himself out to be. Suddenly he’s an active participant in what can only be understood to be viewpoint discrimination and unequal treatment under the law.

Let’s go to the evidence.

As you see in the following clip, the Senate now has copies of the actual guidance provided to the US Marshals. Here is the exchange between Sen. Katie Britt and AG Garland.

SOMEBODY gave instructions to US Marshalls that they were not to arrest any of the protesters unlawfully gathered outside the homes of SCOTUS Justices.

Those instructions just HAPPENED to line up with the White House approval of protesters ‘exercising their first amendment right’ to violate statutes that explicitly forbade protesting or parading outside the homes of judges.

Why is that important?

The third branch of government is the one branch that we do NOT want to see subject to the whims and pressures of public opinion. They are to be guided by the law apart from the ebbs and flows of public opinion.

And yet, we knew from the unprecedented leak of the still-pending Dobbs case that SCOTUS was getting ready to make a decision the Democrats — including elected Democrats and the White House — would STRONGLY object to.

Was the DOJ secretly hoping these protesters might strong-arm judges into making the decision they WANTED SCOTUS to make? Because that would be indefensible. Especially for an AG pretending to be the great defender of Democracy.

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