LOL: Mayorkas Wants To Ban ‘Assault Weapons’ — Then He’s Asked To Define One (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on March 29, 2023

With Fauci now a private citizen, the race is on among Biden’s appointees for who fills his shoes as the most smugly self-important and authoritarian schmuck to give an imperial one-finger salute to We the People and the elected representatives we sent to oversee our alleged ‘public servants’.

In yesterday’s hearings, Mayorkas was making a play for the front of the pack in that front.

Senator Kennedy asked a very straightforward question about gun ownership.

Do you agree with the President that we should ban the private ownership of assault weapons in America?

Unlike so many of the questions Mayorkas was asked about the border that day, Mayorkas didn’t have to hide behind any weasel words or talking points.

He answered simply and clearly. ‘Senator, I do’.

So far so good. Senator Kennedy had a follow-up question.

What is an assault weapon? Mayorkas was quick to suggest a specific firearm. But that didn’t exactly answer the question Kennedy was asking… and Mayorkas probably knew that. The question was restated: can you give me a definition, other than just pointing to a specific weapon? Would there be other weapons besides an AK-47 you would ban?

Of course there are others he’s like to ban.

But Mayorkas has no way to answer that question. There IS no stable definition that includes the guns they want to get rid of while excluding ‘acceptable’ guns they dare not try to outlaw in the current political environemnt.

Watch him desperately trying to tap-dance his way out of answering that question.

This is a public servant.

Truly embarrassing.

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