Domestic Terrorist Busted In Atlanta ‘Cop City’ Assault Is Child Of Incredible Privilege

Written by Wes Walker on March 11, 2023

If we believed the lockstep bleating of Democrat partisan presstitutes, we might conclude that anarchists burning down American cities are mainly impoverished, disgruntled locals.

You’d conclude that these are people on the fringes of society, just barely hanging on by their fingertips, motivated to join a violent protest out of pure desperation and nothing else.

But that narrative, like so many other media narratives, is nearly impossible to square with the known facts. Throughout the ‘organic protests’ that smashed and burned their way through cites across the United States in 2020’s supposed ‘summer of love’, there was a pattern of out-of-state arrests. This is not a new trend, nor is it one that can be attributed to poverty.

Not long ago, for example, ClashDaily reported on Francis Carrol, a protester from Kennebunkport arrested for domestic terrorism. Sorry. Scratch that, the son of a Maine millionaire was arrested twice in one month for domestic terrorism.

We saw it in the conviction of Alexander Stokes Contompasis. He was a NY Antifa member convicted for going to the Jan 6 protests with the express purpose of committing politically-motivated violence. He was sentenced to 20 years for stabbing two people specifically over their right-wing political affiliations.

In another case, Katherine Clark, the second-ranking Democrat in the House, who took a hard-line stand against J6 defendants had a defendant in her own family as her son (or daughter, in Clark’s telling of the story) was arrested for … assaulting a police officer.

A pattern seems to be emerging, here.

That brings us up to the most recent name reveal and the most privileged little anarchist brat we’ve seen yet:

An Antifa goon arrested over the weekend for setting fire to a proposed $90 million police training center has been identified as the transgender daughter of a millionaire North Carolina businessman.

James ‘Jamie’ Mariscano, 29, was among the Antifa rioters arrested Sunday night after burning construction vehicles and attacking police officers with fireworks and Molotov cocktails at the site of the future Atlanta Police Safety Training Center, booking documents show.

Mariscano is an outspoken anti-police advocate who is in her first year of law school at North Carolina School of Law.

Her father, Michael Mariscano, was previously heralded as Charlotte, North Carolina’s ‘most powerful person’ for running a foundation worth $4 billion.

Jamie is now being held on domestic terrorism charges without bail, along with 21 of her cohorts as they were just trying to defend the public forest. –DailyMail

Wealthy university kids — often from white liberal families — are jumping in on anarchist adventurism to ‘fight the man’ even when ‘the man’ they are fighting in some proverbial sense is … actually their own family.

They might fancy themselves the modern version of the Vietnam-era anti-war protesters, but one song they WON’T be playing at their rallies would be CCR’s ‘Fortunate Son’.

We can’t help but notice the startling frequency of this particular flavor of violent activists subscribing to non-traditional definitions of gender in their own self-identification.

We offer no explanation for what might account for that particular crossover. Perhaps a thesis paper will one day be written on why that is. But it does seem to be statistically significant.

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