WATCH: Clueless Dem Rep Asks The Most Awkwardly-Worded Question In TwitterFiles Hearing

Written by K. Walker on March 10, 2023

On Thursday, Congresswoman Sylvia Garcia (D-TX) displayed to the entire world her ignorance.

She had no clue about a popular new platform for information, that journalists are to protect sources, the way that Twitter works, and how to word a question without completely humiliating herself.

First Rep. Garcia tries to get Taibbi to reveal his sources. The pugilistic Taibbi didn’t back down.

Here is Rep. Garcia admitting that she has no idea what Substack is while questioning Substack journalist Matt Taibbi about… his Substack.

Rep. Garcia doesn’t know how Twitter works, either.

But the most spectacular moment was probably this one when Rep. Garcia turned her questioning to Michael Shellenberger:

Yikes! Could that be the most awkwardly-worded question in a Congressional hearing?

The best part of that exchange is the way that Shellenberger speaks slowly to her like he’s talking to a child.

Weiss’s spouse, Nellie Bowles, another New York Times alum, shows that award-winning investigative journalists can have a heck of a sense of humor.

In her regular TGIF post on Weiss’s Substack recently rebranded as “The Free Press”, she included that interaction with Shellenberger with this commentary:

My wife’s fidelity questioned by Congress: Here is Rep. Sylvia Garcia, a Texas Democrat, asking Matt Taibbi and Michael Shellenberger some uncomfortable questions about my dear, devoted wife.
Asked if they had formed “a threesome” with my spouse as they reported from Twitter HQ, my former friend Michael Shellenberger responded: “There are many more people involved than that.” Disgusting. Appalling. My father watches C-SPAN.
The Intellectual Dark Web has become nothing but a polycule, and I’m its jilted lover! A woman scorned.
I hear other things were revealed during the hearings. Politicians apparently have never heard of Substack. Also, one Democrat—a ranking member of the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government—accused Taibbi and Shellenberger of endangering Twitter employees by reporting on Twitter at all. Land of the free, indeed. (Now I’m just bitter.)
Source: The Free Press

You can watch the full video of Rep. Garcia beclowning herself here:


Bowles, Nellie. “TGIF: ‘I Hate Him Passionately’.” The Free Press on Substack. March 10, 2023.

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