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Don’t Let The Trump Indictment Distract From Biden’s Document Scandal

Before those walls were ‘closing in’ with a case by an AG whose key witness is a convicted perjurer, Dem’s big play to take down Trump rested on another fever dream: classified documents collected in the Mer-A-Lago raid.

At least we’re TOLD they were classified. That part’s unclear.

After all, a sitting President is the only person in the country who can change a document’s classification almost at will, and without anyone else’s approval. Trump DID tell the world that there were a great many documents that he was formally de-classifying at the end of his time in office.

If such a person has documents with classified markings on them, it could be argued that they are among documents that have been declared ‘declassified’. This would negate the consequences of having papers with classified MARKINGS that are not actually classified any longer. For example, the itinerary of a VIP: once they have come and gone, security no longer matters, and such details are no longer ‘secret’.

Biden and Garland’s partisan DoJ was making a very literal (and very public) Federal Case out of Trump’s alleged mishandling of official documents and shamelessly rifling through Melania’s underwear drawer with armed men standing guard while Trump was out of town.

Clearly, that was an effort to sway voters at the midterm elections.

During that very same period, the DoJ kept mum on a parallel story of classified documents that showed up Biden’s possession… not in a secure building guarded by the Secret Service where boxes from his time as president were shipped to his private residence and kept in a secure room.

No. These documents, we are told, were found in a closet at a University subsidized through sudden and significant donations from CCP-aligned supporters. This is apart from the classified documents Biden had that have since turned up at several other locations… most flagrantly, in his garage next to his convertable.

We were left to assume there were hardly any documents. Just a couple of pages that got tucked in with other papers. No big deal, you understand.

Yeah, well, somebody was lying.

The National Archives has admitted that approximately 1,170 pages of records from President Joe Biden’s time as vice president were found at the Penn Biden Center in November 2022, and the agency said it does not have custody of any records discovered at Biden’s homes in Delaware.
The America First Legal Foundation highlighted the revelation Thursday by publishing a letter that the National Archives sent to the conservative legal group in response to a Freedom of Information Act request.
The Archives told the legal group it “must deny your request in full for approximately 1,170 pages” found at the Penn Biden Center in the president’s former office because they are the “subject of an ongoing law enforcement investigation.”
— JustTheNews

So it wasn’t three or four pages? Joe actually had 1,170 pages — in that one location, besides the others he had elsewhere?

We sure do hope that Dems get as excited about looking into the ‘treason’ behind those documents (and do we know they aren’t nuclear secrets *gasp*!) as they did when they thought they had Trump dead in their sights.

It’s curious how, ever since such documents started turning up in the sock drawers and closets of every Tom, Dick, and Harry that ever walked set foot in 1600 Pennsylvania that the DoJ has let the document scandal fall silent, isn’t it?

But really. Don’t let this story that might be incriminating of Joe Biden — or the associates who are beginning to flip on him, or the bank records, or the evidence that SVB was mismanaged, or that Trump policies weren’t responsible for the Ohio disaster, or the exculpatory information bubbling up around J6 — and so on and so on…

Don’t let any of that distract you from the super-important story the news media wants us to focus on.

Those walls closing in over a nothingburger indictment by a corrupt AG who undermined the credibility of his profession by running on a promise to prosecute a person, rather than a crime.

We must remember — what’s REALLY important here is Trump’s indictment. Not the wrongdoing or incompetence of anyone on the left.

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