WATCH: Rosie O’Donnell Uses Dead Kids To Push Left’s Gun Agenda

Written by Wes Walker on March 31, 2023

Unlike so many people in Hollywood who can point to some combination of looks, brains, or humor behind their success, if Rosie O’Donnell had any such traits they are long since gone and forgotten.

Her entire schtick these days — when any of us even notice her — seems to run on anger and resentment.

Maybe she’s just one of those people who tried to cross swords with Trump on Twitter and never fully recovered from the experience.

But the ‘mother of the year’ candidate has crawled out of whatever obscure hole she hides in to lecture us all on the urgency of yet another left-wing agenda.

She is certain that guns are bad and need to be removed from society to keep us safe. Of course, a ridiculously small percentage of homicides using firarms are the ‘scary black rifles’ Dems keep insisting on mischaracterizing them as ‘assault weapons’ or ‘weapons of war’.

For anyone who thinks the solution is stricter gun laws, here are a few facts: Most homicides are committed by repeat criminal offenders who acquire guns through some kind of intermediate source, not through gun stores or gun shows. Most people who are carrying guns illegally are already prohibited from owning them.

That doesn’t stop Rosie from lecturing us all on how we have to shut up and do as she tells us.

Oh, Rosie.

She was never what might be called a handsome woman, but seriously — what happened? You’re starting to look like Emporer Palpitine’s homely sister.

The guns really aren’t the problem here. We’ve had guns in this society since we were little more than a British outpost. What’s changed is the absolute disregard for the humanity of people we disagree with… and the justification of demonizing groups of people who don’t march lockstep with The Current Thing.

We’ve been hearing variations of the pejorative ‘White Christian Fascist’ thrown around endlessly as a foil by defenders of the irreversible sterilization of children.

But when members from that very same ‘oppressed’ demographic rise up in violence against those ‘oppressive’ Christians and murder their children and old people — in her mind, the problem isn’t the dangerous bigot, it’s the gun.

And here’s a relevant point:

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