Embracing A Problem As Your Best Friend

Written by Jeff Davidson on March 6, 2023

Robert Fritz, author of The Path of Least Resistance, has an innovative concept for gaining breakthrough solutions in the face of recurring problems. Fritz suggests that you sincerely embrace each problem that you have as a “best friend.”

  • Problems, Fritz observes, are dynamic, creative forms. Avoiding or attempting to avoid a problem gives you no power.
  • Regarding problems as your best friends, Fritz says, enables you to benefit from what he calls the law of reversal — using the negative energy surrounding the problem to propel you to the positive forces available in achieving a solution.
  • Since we helped initiate most of our problems, our best choice is to cooperate with the forces at play, not resist them. The bigger the problem, the greater your creative potential!
  • If you have a profound lack of breathing space in your life — for example, if you’re always chasing the clock, facing mounting piles on your desk, and feeling hopelessly behind — your quest is to use the energy of your plight to leap onto higher ground.

Bringing Out Your Best

Your problem is your best friend because it brings out your best. The key is to keep asking yourself, “What is the problem forcing me to learn or do?” Do you need to trust yourself more completely, involve others, or be vulnerable in a positive way?

By viewing the problem as beneficial, it starts to lose power. When you confront a problem, or if you’re in conflict, don’t regard it as a setback. It is a stepping stone for opportunity.

So, what are your three current best friends?

Jeff Davidson
Jeff Davidson is "The Work-Life Balance Expert®" and the premier thought leader on work-life balance, integration, and harmony. Jeff speaks to organizations that seek to enhance their overall productivity by improving the effectiveness of their people.