Game Over For The Shop Teacher With Those Giant Fake Tatas

Written by Wes Walker on March 2, 2023

The circus in that Canadian school is finally grinding to a halt. The teacher with the giant mail-order bewbs has been suspended.

Readers will remember the story of ‘Kayla Lemieux’ the dude in a blonde wig famous for wearing something that any female staffer would have been reprimanded for wearing. But since this ‘woman’ was of the self-declared variety, Lemieux got a pass.

There was a whole drama playing out over this story as it stretched through several months.

It involved parental outcry, hand-wringing school board administrators, women complaining that this outlandish attire was, in fact, denigrating to women.

The story even included a skydiving selfie as the shop teacher *ahem* milked the publicity of the outrage.

WOMANFACE: High School Shop Teacher Wears Massive Fake Ta-Tas To Class (VIDEO)

Ontario School Board ALLOWS Shop Teacher To Continue Wearing Massive Fake Knockers To Class

The board bent over backward to NOT reign this in. Why?

Because in Canada, there’s something called a Human Rights Tribunal, it’s a literal kangaroo court where the ordinary rules of evidence literally do not apply in hearings where people bring their complaints about how someone’s feelings were aggrieved, and a ‘judge’ (who may or may not meet any of the usual requirements of a judge) will met out consequences to the ‘offending’ party.

ClashDaily has reported on journalist and lawyer Ezra Levant’s infamous clashes with these kangaroo courts, where he stood up to them and called them frauds to their face. The video links in that article are gold.

But the ordinary person hasn’t got the courage, or frankly the financial resources to take on that kind of a fight.

Activists and trolls know that, and are happy to exploit it to get concessions like this one:

School Board Finds Solution To Teacher Wearing Enormous Fake Breasts…

But suddenly, Lemieux’s party came crashing to a halt… all because of a journalist from the New York Post paying the community Lemieux lives in a little visit.

After a conversation with the neighbors, it was discovered that Lemieux doesn’t actually live in the getup we all see splashed over newspapers and internet articles.

Despite claims that he suffers a rare illness that makes breasts grow to enormous sizes, his neighbors say that most of the time he goes about his day dressed as an ordinary, overweight guy.

They published a photo of him as a guy, and suddenly the jug jig was up.

Here is Lemieux in costume and out of costume.

Blah, blah, blah… that’s not me. That’s somebody else. Sure.

Now that Kayla/Kerry Lemieux is seen as someone who has been gaming the system, the school board has more latitude on how to handle his situation.

Out of a job? No.

Suspended without pay? Not bloody likely.

But in what sadly counts as a ‘strong stand’ in a city that tries to out-SanFrancisco SanFrancisco for wokeness, Kerry is currently on paid suspenstion.

But it is now official that teacher Kayla Lemieux, known previously as Kerry Lemieux, is no longer teaching at Oakville Trafalgar High School.
“While not currently on an active assignment, the teacher remains employed with the HDSB (Halton District School Board),” said board spokesperson Heather Francey. — Toronto Sun

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