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Armed Defense: Do You Leave Home Armed With A Plan?

Across the United States, armed citizens saved lives again this week. That shouldn’t come as a surprise since honest citizens like you defend themselves with a firearm several thousand times a day. The full discussion of each story is on the Self Defense Gun Stories webpage. For now, here are the stories and the links to the original news sources.

Interlachen Florida- Do you keep a firearm nearby at night?

You are a 67-year-old woman. You’re woken up by sounds from the front of your house. You get out of bed. You pick up your gun and walk into the center of your home. You hear someone rattle your door knob. It is three in the morning and you wonder if your husband could be home from work early. You open your front door. A strange man pushes his way inside your home.

You shout for the stranger to leave and you point your gun at him. You shout for him to leave again. This time the stranger raises his arms and he has a gun in one hand. You shoot him one time in the chest. He drops his gun so you stop shooting. You step back and call 911 for help.

It is 3 in the morning and the police are already on their way. You meet the officers when they arrive at your home. They disarm your intruder. Emergency Medical Services take him to the hospital.

Earlier that morning, the stranger called the police and said he was hiding from his neighbors and there were people in orange clothes standing outside his home. Later, a woman called and said the stranger had jumped out a window with a gun and run down the street. Deputies were en route to the earlier calls when you shot your intruder.

The police chief said you did the right thing. You find out that your intruder died at the hospital. You are not charged with a crime.

 Chicago, Illinois- Are you armed at home?

It is 8:30 in the evening when your security system alerts you. You check your phone and see a stranger standing on your back porch. No one rings the doorbell. You have your Illinois Concealed Carry License and you’re carrying concealed at home. You go out the back door and don’t see anyone. You hear someone in your garage. You go to the garage door and see a stranger inside. You tell him you’re armed and to put his hands up. He does. Your wife asks what is happening and you ask her to call 911. It seems as if the police are there in a minute, but it probably took longer.

You put your gun away as the police arrive. They arrest your intruder. You show the officers your ID and your carry license. The police leave with your intruder and you are not charged with a crime.

You see in the news that your intruder has a college degree and is unemployed and homeless. He is out on probation from trying to burn down a building. He also has outstanding warrants for his arrest on charges of aggravated battery of a peace officer. The judge did not let him out on bail this time.

Denver, Colorado- Are you armed in public after you go shopping?

News1, News2, News3

You called the police when your car was stolen from a nearby shopping center. Car theft is a low priority with the police so you are tracing your car on your phone. You see your car ahead of you and start to walk up to it. The young men inside shoot at you. You are legally armed and you shoot back. The driver speeds away. You call 911 and again submit a report with the police.

Officers find your car a few blocks from where you were attacked. The thieves ran away and left the wounded driver in the car. EMS takes your attacker to the hospital. He has been a gang member since he was 10 years old. He is now 12. He died in the hospital.  You are not charged with a crime.

El Paso, Texas- Are you armed in public?

And here.

It is about 5pm and you are in a large shopping mall with your friends. You are standing near the food court on the second floor when you see two groups of teenagers start to fight. You hear shouts and then you hear gunshots. One of the young men shoots into the crowd. People are running everywhere. You see the attacker as he runs toward your friends, and he has his gun pointed at you.

You have your Texas license to carry. You’re armed tonight. You present your firearm and shoot your attacker until he drops his gun. You stop shooting. You shout for people to call the police. The news reports don’t mention if you called 911 too.

You stay at the scene. News reports aren’t clear when you lower your firearm and reholster it. An off-duty police officer working at the mall arrives on the scene. You identify yourself. You help the officer apply trauma care to the injured. Your attacker was sixteen years old and the victims he shot were two 17-year-olds and a 20-year-old.

One of the injured 17-year-olds ran into a nearby store and died. The rest of the injured teenagers are taken to the hospital. The 16-year-old murderer is expected to survive. The gun he used was stolen.

You give a complete report to the police. Later, you find out that there were two other individuals in the food court who were legally armed and did not respond to the shooting. You’re not charged.

Thank you the things you do everyday to protect yourself and others. Please share this with a friend. RM

Rob Morse

Rob Morse works and writes in Southwest Louisiana. He writes at Ammoland, at his Slowfacts blog, and here at Clash Daily. Rob co-hosts the Polite Society Podcast, and hosts the Self-Defense Gun Stories Podcast each week.