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IRONY: Men Identifying As Women Are ANGRY That An Actual Woman Is Pretending To Be Trans On OnlyFans


Why should we care about what a bunch of trans people peddling porn online think? Because it’s a hilarious self-own, that’s why.

There is outrage in the “transwomen” corner of the interwebs over a “fake” transwoman getting attention on OnlyFans. The irony seems to be lost on the Womanface aficionados.

Earlier this month, the Twitter account TroonyToons posted screenshots of an offended transgender-identifying male who was upset about a woman that he claims is faking being trans infringing on the transgender OnlyFans market.

It seems that a woman infiltrating “transwoman” spaces on the internet by faking that identity with a plastic phallus and photoshop is offensive to the “transwomen are women” crowd who still have their original sexual organs and are trying to make a buck by appealing to perverts looking for very specific fetish porn.


It’s unclear if the person in the above photo is a woman as the outraged transgender person claims or someone who identifies as a woman but was born a man and is using filters and photoshop to appear more feminine, but Twitter users point out that straps can be shown through the boxers indicating the phallus (which has been cropped out of this image) isn’t real.

It should also be noted that the account has been suspended. Whether that’s because of the tantrums by the trans OnlyFans accounts or for some other reason is unclear.


According to the outraged trans-identifying males, just strapping on a fake penis with AI photo adjustments doesn’t make someone a “transwoman”, and it certainly doesn’t entitle them to enter the “transwoman” porn industry.

That’s weird.

If transwomen are women, then logically, women are transwomen — if A=B, then B=A, right? Isn’t that how it works? Well, no. People who understand how logic works know that even if all “B” are “A”, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all “A” are “B” — for example, all dogs are mammals, but not all mammals are dogs.

However, radical gender activists claim that self-identification is all that matters. To use the mammal example again, if a bird acts like a mammal, even though it doesn’t have the characteristics of a mammal, a self-id promoting zoologist would categorize it as a mammal because that animal is living its “authentic self” by shattering the categories.

If you’re going with self-identification, then it’s valid even if an individual doesn’t have the biological parts associated with their gender identity.  Why should these self-ID activists care if a woman is identifying as a man identifying as a woman?

The problem is that a pretty girl is more appealing to porn addicts seeking out trans fetish porn than the men in Womanface.

The dude complaining about the probably “fake” trans OnlyFans model doesn’t look like a woman at all.

But he’s okay with that according to the tweet pinned to his account.

It seems like dude has a lot of issues.

These people with zero self-awareness are insisting that transwoman-ness isn’t a costume that a woman can just put on…

…but actual womanhood is apparently a costume that men can put on and enter women’s only spaces because… reasons…? Make it make sense.

Many, many Twitter users found the “transwoman” outrage to be ironic and some are reveling in the schadenfreude.

Twitter user R Hutchinson nails it with this comment:

Sometimes, the best comment is the most simple:

The “transwomen” outraged after getting a little taste of what “self-ID” really means is just absolutely hilarious.

Now let’s end this charade of self-ID. It literally erases women as an identifiable category.

K. Walker

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