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KARI LAKE: Latest Ruling Means There’s Still Hope For Her Case Yet!

This might come as a surprise to the supposed ‘news’ media, but the latest court ruling proves that the ‘election denier’ narrative they’ve been pushing has been deeply dishonest.

So far as the press is concerned, Kari Lake is just another one of those eee-vil, ULTRA-MEGA-MAGA democracy-hating election deniers.

There’s just one problem with that accusation. The courts are still hearing her cases. In fact, an appeals court just upheld one of her complaints and has told a lower court to take one of her concerns seriously.

Here’s a quick look at how the media shades the facts in favor of their preferred narrative.

Az Central has ONE idea they want their audience to come away with, but their points ignored the very relevant fact that the court actually upheld one of Lake’s central complaints.

Kari Lake raised seven specific objections to the lower court ruling of throwing out her case. Six of those objections were denied. But one of those seven objections was sufficiently compelling that the court granted her request.

What does the court’s ruling mean in real terms?

The short version: as we all saw with the insanity in 2020, it’s incredibly hard to get the courts involved in an election controversy.

The reason for that involves the rules courts operate under. Lawsuits aren’t something that just anyone can bring forward at any time for any reason. There are criteria to test whether the person wanting to sue can be heard. Further complicating this is the time-sensitive nature of such a person’s standing.

Go to court too early, and you can’t claim to have been harmed. Wait too long, and the window of opportunity will have closed. The courts, unable to offer a remedy, will not hear your case.

Point six took exception to a lower court ruling over when exactly the sweet spot on that lawsuit opportunity timeline was still a live issue. The lower court dismissed Lake’s signature objection as moot, and something that should have been addressed before the election.

The appeals court did not agree. They supported Lake’s view that the objectionable signature and envelope handling became relevant only after the election was already underway, and could not have been addressed through the courts beforehand.

Lake’s suit challenged the APPLICATION of election law policies, not the policies per se.

This ruling means that the question about envelopes and signatures will be treated as a live objection, duly filed in a timely fashion to which the courts must give a proper hearing of the facts at issue.

Other candidates would have long since thrown in the towel. But Lake said she would go to the mat on principles, and despite the negative press, she is doing exactly that.

What those courts will think of the evidence, and what remedy can be offered remains to be seen.

But for anyone to blow this off as ‘election denial’ will have to take issue with the appeals judge, too, including the six of seven objections he did NOT consider meritorious.

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