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MASSIVE STORY: Single Line In Racketeering Allegations Could Be DEVASTATING For DNC Heavyweight

Some stories are so big that you can’t cover the whole thing in one article.

For example, this is the third story I’ve covered about the 40-minute testimony of a single witness in Arizona’s House Oversight hearings on election integrity.

But there is a very good reason to write three stories about it. If you try to sqeeze them into one story, you miss some really important details. You might get so caught up in the Katie Hobbs corruption that you miss the election tampering and bribery details, or the town packed with dirty cops, or the compromised universities turning out bogus credentials and so on.

I had been so busy writing about parallel massive scandals exposed by Ms. Breger that I nearly missed the enormous significance of a seemingly ‘throwaway line’ tucked in near the end of her testimony.

But once I saw that sentence, I couldn’t unsee it. Five simple words could catapult a regional corrpution story right to the doorstep of the DNC. More on that in a moment.

But for anyone who missed the other scandalous stories in that testimony, here’s a quick recap.

Part One covered political corruption involving criminal cartels and some of the highest levels of state office. Part Two covered deliberate election interference. We’ll come back to the ‘doorstep of the DNC’ scandal after our recap.

Part one

The witness, Jacqueline Breger, was an apolitical investigator originally charged with looking into something entirely unrelated to either elections or political corruption. In the process of doing a forensic financial investigation into fraud and money laundering, she followed the money to evidence that opened up a whole other class of investigations. Follow-up investigations led to a grab bag of criminal enterprises including interstate racketeering investigations.

The first story I wrote about her testimony focused on Katie Hobbs. It turned attention to the testimony and evidence Breger provides to substantiate claims, she alleges, that Katie Hobbs received money from a Drug Cartel racketeering scheme.

This part of her testimony goes into great detail in the racketeering allegations, naming two government officials who have been helping crank out fraudulent documents, not to mention a laundry list of dirty cops, corrupted government officials, bribed judges, and inroads they have into three universities to churn out bogus credentials. The story Breger paints of corruption in Maricopa County, and two other counties is a bleak one.

That’s as spicy as I was able to get while writing on a more or less straight-line right-of-center news site like ClashNews:

Part two

Meanwhile, over here on ClashDaily, we have a little more latitude to cover topics too politically charged for most mainstream news. That includes things like the various Verboten Covid topics, our now-justified Russiagate contrarianism, robust criticism of the J6 kangaroo court and the 2 impeachment trials, and so on.

This platform also gives us the latitude to weigh election controversies. We weren’t just raising red flags about mail-in voting when the results came out against Trump, we were sounding warnings about mail-in voting and foul-ups in the primary races long before the first ballot was cast for Nov 2020.

That story went into some particular evidence Breger raised relative to bribes given to principles of Runbeck Election Services, compromised government officials, including elections officers, the discovery of specific operational problems in actual election machines, the discovery of a tranche of ballots and large sums of cash at the home of someone connected to the elections, ballot card tampering since 2004, backdoors in the County database, access points changing vote totals and so on. (Read the whole story here: Have Mexican Drug Cartels Infiltrated US Politics, Possibly Even Elections? Sworn Testimony In Arizona Says ‘Yes’)

Let’s take this story to the national level…

There are political insiders and then there are political insiders

For anyone who has followed the Steele Dossier/Crossfire Hurricane story from the beginning, they will know that there are certain powerful players whose names keep popping up again and again for all the wrong reasons.

Do you happen to remember the name of the law firm that connected Hillary Clinton to the Steele Dossier?

Here are screenshots from the left-wing ‘Guardian’ website from almost a year ago. First, the headline:

Now, the relevant text. This high-profile DNC-connected law firm was penalized after they were found to have been deliberately skirting the law.

That same outfit was also VERY involved in working the legal system to change voting laws in time for the 2020 elections. Reuters, for example ran this story, just before election day in 2020:

So this particular legal team has played a very important role in the electoral plans of Federal Democrats, right?

Now, let’s come back to the sworn testimony of someone who has supporting documents and attachments from original documents numbering in the hundreds of pages.

We’ll use the video and transcription service of partisan YouTube itself, complete with time stamps so that nobody can claim we are misrepresenting Breger’s testimony.

Judge for yourself whether Breger just made the claim that the very same corrupt connection with Mexican Cartels she has laid at the feet of various Arizona officials applies to someone else as well.

Keep in mind, YouTube transcription isn’t 100% accurate, especially when the speaker has an accent. But go ahead and compare the transcript to the video. Decide for yourself whether she really is saying what it seems like she’s saying.

This clip is cued up to begin just before the citations above so you can follow along to compare the transcription to the testimony.

Elsewhere in her testimony, this sworn witness spoke of these questionable real estate transactions as being connected to Mexican Drug cartels, with a role in manipulating election results.

Are we to infer a connection between the law firm she named and the Mexican drug cartel she also called out by name in the same testimony?

If so, what implications would this have for federal questions — not the least of which would be the Blind Eye Democrats have been turning to the Border?

Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck