This Event Terrified The Disciples – Would It Terrify You?

Written by Doug Giles on March 18, 2023

A good and loving God would never let us get in over our heads, would he?

Everybody’s heard some version of that blather. God will never give you more trouble than you can handle. The only problem with that advice is that it’s another one of those fake Bible quotes that are probably pulled out of ‘Second Hezekiah’.

Back here in the real world, Christians all over the place are hit with the blunt end of life’s pool cue. Not only does God LET it happen, we see specific examples in scripture of where God put us in that situation on purpose… specifically to take us further than we thought we could go.

Of course, for God to take us farther than we want to go sometimes means taking us there kicking and screaming. Oh, but OUR sweet Jesus would never do such a thing!

Are ya so sure about that?

He put his Disciples through the wringer like that all the time. He did it to help them grow into the kind of followers He had called them to be.

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