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WATCH: Tucker Carlson Exposes The Media’s Agenda And Reveals One Of The Biggest Regrets Of His Career…

Well, that was unexpected!

Last week, Tucker Carlson appeared on the Full Send podcast where he spoke to hosts Kyle Forgeard and Aaron “Steiny” Steinberg about a wide range of topics.

A clip from the podcast posted on Twitter a couple of days ago is making the rounds in right-wing circles because it’s pretty shocking coming from someone who has built his career in the media landscape as a fact-checker, columnist, co-founder of The Daily Caller, and a regular on cable news networks from CNN to PBS to MSNBC to Fox News.

In the clip, Carlson says that he was shocked to come to the realization that the media pushes an agenda and that he was a part of that for years.

He then goes on to reveal one of his biggest regrets in his career.


The clip is taken from near the end of the podcast at around the 1:20 mark.

At about the 52:20 mark, Carlson says that Trump’s foreign policy position regarding China and Russia was correct, then he reminisces about being in Iraq when Saddam Hussein was captured. He then goes on to talk about what he thought about it at the time.

The interview talks about Canada, (which Canadians pronounce incorrectly according to Carlson,) the current gender insanity, male/female dynamics, Jeffrey Epstein, the war in Ukraine, aliens, and more.

It is a wild ride.

Watch the full episode here (LANGUAGE WARNING):

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