WATCH: Hernandez Walks College Student From Woke To Rational In 90 Seconds Flat

Written by Wes Walker on March 17, 2023

We’re told that today’s college kids all march lockstep with the new ideologies. How true is that, really? One interview shines some interesting light on that.

Savana Hernandez, of Turning Point USA, took her microphone to the college campuses and had some real conversations with students.

One short interview, in particular, caught fire.

Savana’s approach was simple. She approached the conversation with exactly the approach Socrates modeled for us all those years ago — asking follow-up questions about the initial answers.

Dave Rubin introduces this clip, explaining who Savana is, and we join the conversation already underway. The student is clearly on the defensive, acknowledging he is a white guy and she is the opposite and saying he would have different experiences growing up.

Without missing a beat she prompts: ‘how come’?

Stammers. Mentions white privilege…

‘What privileges do you have that I don’t have?’, she asked.

He begins to make a tentative answer and then pulls back, couching it the limitations of his knowledge. Tries again to answer … and is stumped.

Hernandez throws him a lifeline. ‘Don’t you think it’s a problem in society when white people think they have more privileges than brown or black people?’

That’s the point in which the conversation starts getting genuinely interesting. He lets his guard down and begins to speak freely.

What he’s finally free to say, wasn’t free to say before, and the reason he gives for holding back in the first place speaks volumes about who REALLY has ‘power’ and ‘privilege’ in today’s society.

America could use more bold young women like Hernandez.

This would be a good start:

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