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TWITTER FILES: How Stanford Censors Forced DC Narrative Orthodoxy On Social Media

This has been a particularly rough week for Stanford. You almost feel bad for them — almost.

First, we had the DEI lady dropping a struggle session on a Fifth-Circuit judge who had been an invited guest speaker of the Federalist Society… we later learned the ‘victim’ whose cause they had been rallying behind in their rebuke of said judge was a twice-convicted kiddie porn purveyor. Oops.

Then we found out that a Stanford employee was arrested for felony perjury over falsifying two rape accusations.

Now, we see them playing a central role in the latest Twitter Files drop, working in tandem with the government to create a multi-platform Covid Disinformation monitoring and reporting mechanism.

Any information and communication they deemed ‘problematic’ was forwarded to Twitter for the safety team to work their magic and make it go away.

The coordination between all steps in the system — goverment, ‘independent fact-checkers’, and Twitter safety rules enforcement — flies in the face of everything we were told about this being an honest and impartial system. The steps were separated for reasons of plausible deniability and it was rigged from the beginning.

Most of us have never heard of Stanford’s Virality project before now…

That’s about to change. Stanford reached out to Twitter with this program just days after Biden took office.

Here’s a quick overview of what to watch for before you dive into the twitter files drop itself. Several of them really stood out.

One of them stood out so much that it led to the first all-caps sentence this writer has put into an article since I first began this gig back in 2012. You’ll know it when you see it.

As tweets 6 & 7 state, they set up a massive dragnet to monitor accounts, knowingly silencing true statements while often pushing falsehoods themselves. Tweets 8 & 9 give an even more damning description of what was at the heart of this effort.

Fifteen: concerns about rights and freedoms being lost due to vaccine requirements? That is also ‘misinformation’… despite a certain tennis champion being denied entry to compete in a championship still today over this very issue.

The truth is not a defense will be a recurring theme in these censorship stories. Within weeks of Yoel Roth and others being onboarded (see #11), language in Twitter is already conforming to the censorious standards being pushed by Stanford — over and above the actual pre-existing internal culture and TOS of Twitter itself (#17).

Are you afraid of ‘mandatory vaccinations’? That’s a violation! (#17)

You’re not allowed asking questions (that’s a misinformation stragety) or planning a rally (not a ‘freedom rally’ anyway). It identified well-known repeat offenders like sitting senator Kennedy… (#22) as almost always ‘reportable’.

Be sure to read their incredible self-own in the ‘surveillance state’ irony (#27) and called for the creation of a Rumor-Control mechanism directly connected with Homeland Security (#28)


Why does the public need disinformation censors? Because they are the smart ones and the rest of us are beknighted idiots. (#31-33)

The final tweets talk about their relentless defense of Fauci, their government partners and benefactors, and the close relationship between this initiative and the Russia hoax misinfo people.

Where he linked video, we have included the videos he linked to.
(There is a lot embedded here. Be patient with the loading time.)

Here is the video:

Here is the video:

Here is the video:

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