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Whistleblower Shares REAL Reason Wray Won’t Answer That Simple J6 Question

Polls tell us most Americans believe that Feds had some ‘insiders’ on the scene at J6. A whistleblower tells us we are right to think that.

What we really NEED to know is what kind of a role any insiders they might have had actually played. We have people rotting in jail without a trial for going on two years and more. We should know if they were set up in the way the Gretchen Whitmer kidnappers had been. We have all seen some video of sketchy instigators who were wanted — until they weren’t. Chief among them is Ray Epps who was so eager to goad people into committing a crime that those around him started chanting ‘fed’.

Of course, now that Tucker Carlson’s team has access to the videos, we are closer than we have been in 2 years to having clear answers to that question.

Judging by the Congressional testimony of FBI whistleblower George Hill, the FBI doesn’t want the world to see what’s really happening in those 11,000 hours of footage. The clue we have comes back to that case that Boston refused to open on every passenger riding on entire busloads of Americans who went to the Stop The Steal rally on January 6th.

Washington field office (WFO) was pressuring Boston to open a case on all 140 passengers on busses that took the trip down to D.C.. Washington’s reason for wanting this was because they had ‘definitive evidence’ of people being in what have been called ‘restricted zones’ on the Hill. When the FBI in Boston asked for access to the day’s footage to have evidence of this access, it was refused to them unless they could identify specifically where the person in question had been and when.

Now, why would federal law enforcement want to prevent other branches of their own department from having access to security tapes in the prosecution of a crime? There’s something on those tapes they don’t want us to see.

We can speculate whether that is something that undercuts the allegations they have against the so-called insurrectionists, or whether there is something embarrassing to the federal officials about how events of that day played out, but it is clear that officials have been working very hard to keep this footage out of the hands of the public.

Even defense lawyers have had trouble getting access to this footage.

The whistleblower has given us a new piece of information to chew on when we consider the information we have available to us.

The investigations were NOT opened up on private individuals because they were attending First Amendment-protected activities. Jan 6 was a rally long before it ever became a riot. And here is what may be the last piece of the puzzle.

“[People] think of the unlawful events that took place later on in the day on January 6th, but up until that time, it was a rally,” Hill said. “People were, you know, either driving to it, flying to it.”

When another SSA asked to see where they were inside the Capitol, the WFO declined to show the footage unless they knew “the exact time and place those individuals were inside the Capitol.”

“Why can’t you [give us access] to the 11,000 hours of video that’s available?” the SSA asked.

The WFO responded that there “may be” undercover officers or confidential human sources “on those videos whose identity we need to protect,” according to Hill, who said he heard the conversation firsthand. — DailyCaller

Seeing as this was the same agency that gave us Crossfire Hurricane, falsified records in the wrongful prosecution of General Flynn and continued that prosecution long after it had been proven that they had hidden exculpatory evidence, not to mention the entrapment defense defendants were able to use in the Whitmer kidnapping case around the same time, these clods have long since burned any bridges that might have led to the ‘benefit of the doubt’.

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Wes Walker

Wes Walker is the author of "Blueprint For a Government that Doesn't Suck". He has been lighting up since its inception in July of 2012. Follow on twitter: @Republicanuck

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