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WATCH: Russell Brand Puts Smug MSNBC Analyst Criticizing Bias At Fox News On FULL BLAST

Russell Brand called an MSNBC analyst “disingenuous” to his face on Bill Maher’s show on Friday night… and it was glorious.

Brand, a comedian, actor, and podcast host is a whirling dervish of commentary whose thoughts seem to come faster than he can say them — and boy, can he say them quickly!

MSNBC’s John Heilemann was on the receiving end of that word storm and he clearly wasn’t prepared for it.

During a panel discussion on Real Time with Bill Maher, Brand didn’t hold back what he thought of the network that Heilemann works for… he’s not a big fan.

Heilemann had said that Fox News was deliberately dishonest with their viewers and denied that MSNBC did the same.

Meanwhile, here is John Heilemann on MSNBC on November 20, 2020, catastrophizing about Trump questioning the results of the 2020 election.

Democrats later admit that the election was “fortified” by a well-funded secret cabal made up of Democrats, Never-Trumpers, activists, and Big Business.

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“I have to say, it’s disingenuous to claim that the biases exhibited on Fox News are any different than the biases exhibited on MSNBC,” said Brand.

Brand added that both MSNBC and Fox News are simply “mouthpieces” for investment firms that back them like BlackRock and Vanguard.

“I’ve been on MSNBC, mate, it was propaganda. It’s nutcrackery,” said Brand to Heilemann.

Here is the clip of “nutcrackery” from 2013 that Brand was talking about.

While it’s no secret that MSNBC tilts to the political left, it seems to have gone to a whole new level when Trump descended that Golden Escalator in 2015.

They were all in on the Russian Collusion Hoax, the Mueller Report, both impeachments, and insisting that Republicans are not just wrong, but evil.

And don’t even get me started on MSNBC’s Race Lady, Joy Reid, whose insistence to inject race into every single issue is absolutely toxic to reasonable discussion and rational debate.

But Heilemann doesn’t think that MSNBC is the Leftist version of Fox News. To be fair to Heilemann, he was reacting to reports that Fox News hosts were saying things on air about the 2020 election that behind the scenes they didn’t believe were true.

Does he think that doesn’t happen on MSNBC? Does he think that everyone on MSNBC who lauded Joe Biden in 2020 actually believe that the confused guy who was hiding in his basement during the campaign was mentally fit to become President or just a safe alternative to Trump? Does Heilemann really think that MSNBC hosts who decried Georgia’s voter integrity laws was actually “Jim Crow 2.0”?

What about Rachel Maddow and her constant assertions that the “walls are closing in” on Trump and that he’d be indicted? Wishcasting isn’t the same as telling the truth.

Brand even cites Maddow as an example of someone who said something that she knew was untrue — dismissing Ivermectin as a “horse dewormer” when Joe Rogan took it as part of his “throw the sink at it” COVID treatment.

Maybe you think that Brand is a bit too New Age-y, hippie-dippy, or too much of a lefty for your taste. You may not agree with a number of things that he says, but I get the sense that he actually believes what he’s saying and that he isn’t willing to toss aside opposing views simply because he disagrees with them.

Hey, we’re not going to agree 100% with anyone on this side of heaven, but we shouldn’t be tossing aside the people who are willing to engage in reasonable discussion.

I find Russell Brand to be an interesting guy who is willing to listen to a variety of views which is rather refreshing in our heavily politicized and propagandized world.

Brand is willing to take risks and say thinks that are so out of the mainstream consciousness that he comes across as a loon. He’s kind of like the Left’s analog to Alex Jones — he says some pretty wacky things, but when he’s right, he’s very right. And he’s right about things that nobody else saw coming.

Sometimes, it’s the wildest people that no one would expect that are the ones that proclaim truth.

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