A Rude Awakening Is Coming For The Church (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 5, 2023

The church spends a lot of energy whining about the state of the world.

That energy could be better spent on other things — like helping our young men (and our old fellas, too!) become the kind of Christian that actually gives the Adversary night sweats.

Jesus started with the Twelve — and even one of them didn’t finish his race — but out of the eleven that remained, He was able to (in the words of some Thessalonians who weren’t too happy about the growing influence of Christian faith) ‘turn the world upside down’.

If that’s how it started, you’d think with 2.4 Billion Christians out there, we’d be running the table by now, right? But we’re not, are we?

What if the real problem isn’t a big bad devil and his hold on the world so much as today’s definition of ‘Christian’ failing to measure up to the badass, summit-or-plummet, pledge-their-head-to-heaven First Century brethren?

What do you really think the Apostles would say if God let them step out of eternity and survey the current state of the Church, especially what passes for men in the church?

Would they even recognize the people they find on a Sunday morning as brothers in Christ?

We can reverse course. We need to reverse course. But the change will have to start within the church.

That’s exactly the topic we covered in this interview.

John The Baptist: A Rude Awakening Precedes A Great Awakening.

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The abrasive message of repentance John preached 2000 years ago is still confrontational and offensive today — but it is also life-changing.

In our putrid, worldly culture that has turned away from God, this book is a must-read for every Christian.

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