After Being Held Hostage During University Speaking Event, Riley Gaines Is Lawyering Up (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 10, 2023

Riley Gains has, to use the left’s own preferred terminology, a story to tell based on her own ‘lived experience’.

That story is one others are interested in hearing. But because of the damage that story does to the regime-approved narrative on the status of a certain subset of athletes, hers is a story that defenders of that regime-approved LGBT narrative will stop at all costs.

Even if that means beating up a young woman to silence her. Because that is exactly what trans-activist students at San Francisco State University did to Riley Gaines last week.

It wasn’t enough that her opponents heckled her. They assaulted her. They held her hostage, for three hours barricaded in a room under protection of security. They even shamelessly discussed charging her money for permission to leave, which someone in the crowd justified as ‘reparations’.

If you can stomach it, this is the scene where police escorted her (after Gaines had been assaulted) to another room for her protection. She was trapped there for several hours.

Here’s a look at the ‘negotiation’ that was made to let them out. The terms the angry mob offered were nothing less than literal criminal extortion.

Riley went onto Tucker’s show and gave a longer description of what happened after she finished a very civil and respectful speech in which she even fielded questions put forward by some of the protesters who had been doing a sit-in.

It’s pretty insane, to be honest.

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