Is The Pulpit To Blame For America’s Meltdown?

Written by Doug Giles on April 10, 2023

The Clash vibe showed up at the Front Porch program with Rick Green.

When he showed up around the 30-minute mark of the show, Doug and Rick jumped right into the news of the day, with the Trump indictment. Instead of worrying about how bad things were getting, they set about eagerly anticipating the conflict so many Christians run from as fast as their feet will carry them.

Instead of throwing with the despairing defeatists wringing their hands that America is going to hell in a handbasket, we’re picking up the spirit of Col. Creighton S. Abrams: ‘They’ve got us surrounded, the poor bastards’.

If you’re looking for thumb-sucking whining in the face of strident secularism on the march, you’ve come to the wrong show.

But if you’re looking to cowboy up and get in the fray and be encouraged by the faith and energy of like-minded patriots? To you, we say, ‘enjoy’.

That painting of John the Baptist over Rick’s shoulder? That was Doug’s work. And here’s the book he wrote about the same badass prophet.

John The Baptist: A Rude Awakening Precedes A Great Awakening.

This timely little tome chronicles the politically incorrect ministry of one of God’s most effective wildmen, John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Christ’s ministry.

The abrasive message of repentance John preached 2000 years ago is still confrontational and offensive today — but it is also life-changing.

In our putrid, worldly culture that has turned away from God, this book is a must-read for every Christian.

Available in paperback for those of you who like the feel of the pages in your hot, little hands, on Kindle to keep it right at your fingertips, and as an epic Audiobook.