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AOC Embraces Her Inner Soviet When Asked About Fox News (VIDEO)

MSNBC, that bastion of politically-neutral news reporting had former Biden spokes-muppet, Jen Psaki and AOC, avatar of the left’s most radical ideas sit down to talk about (among other things) right-wing news bias.

It was a long and rambling interview with the usual boilerplate denunciations of the right, praise of hard-left policies, and the occasional lament that she didn’t have full control of the Senate to REALLY cram her revolution down the throats of unsuspecting Americans.

At one point in the conversation, Jen Psaki touched on the lawsuit between Dominion and FoxNews. The fact that the case was settled means there was no judicial ruling about who was right and wrong about what in this case, but trifling little facts like that never stops the left from assuming the worst and claiming unearned moral victories.

Jen and AOC openly wish the case had gone forward so the other networks could horsewhip Fox for months and months with a steady drip-drip-drip of negative publicity, or that a judge could (they hope) publicly scold them.

Jen then set up AOC to take a shot at the only network that ever held Psaki accountability for the lies and spin she spouted every day at the podium. Fox News.

Heedless of any First Amendment limitations on her power, she waxed eloquent on all the things she thinks lawmakers could to to rein in Fox News.

Meanwhile, if Republicans so much as lowered the threshold for private citizens and corporations maligned by the news to sue for reputational damage, the left would pitch a fit.

If these chicas are being held up as examples of ‘role models’ for this generation’s young ladies, we’ve got to get them some new role models, STAT.

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Wes Walker

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