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Here’s A Sermon Christian Young Men Won’t Hear At Youth Group

The early church was an incubator for world-upending warriors for the kingdom of God.

They lived the kind of lives and prayed the kind of prayers where sick people were healed and (on at least a few occasions) wicked people dropped dead. (Acts 5, Acts 12)

The preaching of Christ’s Gospel was so city-changing that people who made their living from selling sin stirred up a riot to rid themselves of an existential threat to their livelihoods. (Acts 19)

Skip ahead a few millennia. How’s the church doing these days? Are we still churning out generation after generation of giant slayers?

If not, why not?

Is it possible — just possible — that the ‘live your best life now’ pablum making up the bulk of the spiritual diet fed to young American men is failing to deliver results?

If you are tired of baby food and ready to sink your teeth into the kind of meaty word that will dare you to shrug off mediocrity and embrace greatness the way a serious coach, boot camp drill Sgt., or martial arts instructor would, then you just might be ready for this week’s message.


John The Baptist: A Rude Awakening Precedes A Great Awakening.

This timely little tome chronicles the politically incorrect ministry of one of God’s most effective wildmen, John the Baptist, who prepared the way for Christ’s ministry.

The abrasive message of repentance John preached 2000 years ago is still confrontational and offensive today — but it is also life-changing.

In our putrid, worldly culture that has turned away from God, this book is a must-read for every Christian.

Available in paperback for those of you who like the feel of the pages in your hot, little hands, on Kindle to keep it right at your fingertips, and as an epic Audiobook.

Doug Giles

Doug Giles is Pastor of Liberty Fellowship in Wimberley, TX, and is the founder of (290M+ page views). Giles is also the author of the NEW book, The Wildman Devotional: A 50 Day Devotional For Men. Follow Doug on Instagram and Truth Social at @thegilesway and on Twitter @TheArtOfDoug.