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Biden DOJ Recommends ZERO Jail Time For Trans Vandal Caught For Anti-Catholic Hate Crime

Biden’s DOJ sent a SWAT-style pre-dawn raid and tried to put Houck in prison for 11 years for a ‘crime’ that was tossed out of court in minutes, on a complaint that had already been rejected by the DA’s office.

They’ve been caught looking to cultivate informants in Catholic Churches because of the ‘danger’ of domestic terrorists among Rad-Trad Catholics who prefer to worship using the old-school Latin mass.

But let a militant leftist group affiliated with Biden’s favorite causes instigate violence for religious or ideological reasons (ie: domestic terror), not only is Biden’s DOJ reluctant to investigate it (see firebombings of pro-life centers last May), but when they finally DO find such a vandal, they aren’t pushing for eleven-year sentences, they are following the lead of their President and Vice President’s example, when the raised bail money for domestic terrorists during their election campaign when cities were burning in 2020.

Biden’s DOJ is recommending NO jail time to the trans activist who smashed up a Catholic church, busted a statue of Mary, and assaulted an elderly parishioner.

If the target had been a mosque or a synagogue, however, Biden would be tweeting about how horrible America is for harboring bigotry against such people. But attacking Catholic churches, and the people who go there? That’s not even a crime now.

President Biden’s Justice Department offered what critics are calling a sweetheart plea deal to a vandal who admitted to defacing a Catholic church with profane graffiti, destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, assaulting a church worker, and resisting arrest.

A plea agreement reviewed by Fox News Digital shows that the DOJ recommends zero jail time for the perp, Maeve Nota, a 31-year-old transgender individual who vandalized the St. Louise Catholic Church in Bellevue, Washington, following Roe v. Wade’s overturning last June.
[…] “The Biden Justice Department tried to put Houck in prison for 11 years for defending his son while recommending no jail time for Nota after this deranged trans terrorist badly damaged a Catholic church, fought with the police, assaulted a church employee, and scared the hell out of a little old lady praying,” Davis said.

Nota smashed two glass doors with rocks and spray-painted the church’s outside walls with messages that read, “F— Catholics,” “rot in your fake hell,” “kid groomers,” and “woman haters,” among several other messages.

A church staff member was spray-painted across their face while attempting to chase Nota away.

When officers located Nota, police said he used a backpack full of spray paint cans to smash the police vehicle before turning himself in.

The DOJ has apparently worked out a plea deal in which no jail time will be recommended in the sentencing of this offender.

Police Capt. Darryl McKinney has previously pointed to the $10k damages in saying this criminal would fall under ‘hate crime’ statutes… but for some reason this particular crime and/or this particular criminal is being handled with a very light touch.

It is difficult to say whether such decision-making is driven by a special deference to and fondness of abortion and trans issues, or whether it is driven by rage against an institution tha won’t goose-step with an ideological agenda that intentionally contradicts (and undermines) all traditional understandings of family and sexuality.

In short, are ‘heretics’ and ‘apostates’ who refuse to bow to the new secular moral order being chased down in a modern version of mistakes made in Salem, several centuries ago?

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