WTF? Nutty Med School Prof Says That Biological Sex Isn’t Real (VIDEO)

Written by K. Walker on April 12, 2023

Radical gender activists are now making the absurd argument that biological sex isn’t real.

Some are claiming that it’s just a “social construct” just like they claim that gender is. Those body parts and hormones can be (mostly) changed, so they don’t really mean anything.

Libs of TikTok posted a video of a person claiming to be a medical professor at West Virginia University saying that biological sex is a “TERF talking point” and isn’t real. (TERF stands for “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists” but is a slur used by Trans Radical Activists to refer to any woman that holds to the position that biological sex is a reality and that “transwomen” are men who are identifying as women but cannot magically become women.)

The person speaking begins the video with credentialism stating that he is a medical professor that specializes in molecular biology but also has an “extensive background in gender studies and queer studies.”

The TikTok user then says that the “TERF talking point” — that there are two sexes — male and female and they are immutable — is dangerous to transgender people and “gets them killed.”

There is no evidence for this statement, but it’s clearly troubling to him. He says in a mocking voice, “But you will always be male and therefore invading women’s spaces.”

He then attempts to “debunk” the idea that biological sex is immutable by saying, “sex, as it pertains to humans, is a construct.”

“It is a set of spectrum variables with bimodal distribution that we draw an arbitrary set of boundaries around into two broad categories,” he explains. “But they are not immutable characteristics. Almost all of those characteristics can be changed through hormones or through surgery.”

The absolutely insane argument here is that if we can change it with medication and surgery, then it must be a “construct.” Does that mean that we should “affirm” a girl suffering from anorexia nervosa? Should we make her body look the way that she thinks it should look? After all, we have liposuction and plastic surgery as an option for treatment, right?

The same could be said of the handful of people with body dysmorphia that believe that they should be blind or disabled in some way.  Should we be chopping off arms and legs and pouring bleach in people’s eyes because of this belief that they should be something that they’re not?

Of course not. That would be absurd. We get those individuals mental health treatment — but we’re not doing that with people confused about their gender.

Just because you can do something that doesn’t mean it should be done.

This confused TikTok user is basically advocating for alchemy.

Turning one thing into a whole other thing by means of external forces using chemicals and surgery does not negate the categories of male and female. Sure, there are a few exceptions, but those are rare and a result of genetic abnormalities.

According to this nutty professor, if you’re a dude that thinks he’s a chick, takes estrogen to grow breasts, chop off your twig and berries, and gets what amounts to an ax wound between your legs as a “pseudo-vagina” that means you’re now “female.” Or, if you’re a chick that thinks you’re a dude, and take hormones to permanently change your voice and grow facial hair, make you more aggressive, and you go through surgery to remove your breasts, get a slab of your arm or leg hacked off to create a non-functioning phallus, than you’ve become “male” somehow.

That’s not how that works.

The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh has made famous the simple question, “What is a woman?” and the beauty of that is the simplicity of the argument. If “transwomen” are women, then what are they transitioning into and what are they transitioning from? Heck, why is there a need to transition at all if they already are women?

Those pesky body parts tend to debunk that claim.

It would be interesting to see if the professor believes that this “construct” of biological sex is the same in the animal kingdom or if animals are all just transphobic bigots.

A search through the West Virginia University faculty didn’t result in finding this individual’s photo in either the medical school or the department of biology.

It appears that after becoming internet famous courtesy of Libs of TikTok, Professor Eyebrows chose to lock their account.

It looks like someone didn’t like the attention.

Whether or not this person is actually a university prof, this B.S. is being shoveled at students all the time.

Colin Wright, an independent journalist who has been writing about the gender cultist for some time and, incidentally, has a Ph.D. in Evolutionary Biology, says that universities are pushing this garbage as fact.

Increasingly, the Trans Radical Activists (TRAs) are intimidating academics critical of their neo-Gnostic gender cult worldview into silence.

What we need are people that are brave enough to say, “Enough!” and tell the hard truths that might hurt the feelings of the gender cultists.

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