BIDEN’S BORDER: Is It A ‘Crisis’ When An 8yo Girl Has The DNA Of 67 Men Inside Her? (VIDEO)

Written by Wes Walker on April 19, 2023

Mayorkas can sit there so smugly and blame everyone but himself for the state of the border, but Democrats have run the numbers.

They clearly believe that the political advantage to be gained from this unlimited open-doors policy outweighs the pain they will feel from any blowback.

There are several different theories about what electoral advantage Hillary’s comms director Palmieri meant in the memo that was leaked saying DACA was the key to Democrats’ electoral success. But what is NOT disputed is that she said it.

Pelosi, Schumer, and now Biden have fought like hell to keep the spigot of people open as wide as possible, including taking Arizona to court over a makeshift barrier of shipping containers… despite the danger we already knew those making the illegal crossing are exposed to.

Hundreds have died making the crossing — that we know about. Others have dropped dead in the Texas or Arizona wilderness somewhere. Or the California mountains. Or drowned in the Rio Grande… to say nothing of the Darien Gap.

But death isn’t the only danger — especially for women, girls, and even boys enlisting the help of Cartels in crossing the border.

Before it became politically radioactive for the media to criticize illegal immigration, HUFFPO had reported on the sexual assaults faced by women making the crossing. Here’s a 2014 piece that was updated in 2017.

But sometimes, the sheer weight and severity of the numbers are enough to make you numb to them — an aspect of human nature Stalin famously exploited with his infamous quote: “If only one man dies of hunger, that is a tragedy. If millions die, that’s only statistics.”

That’s when something like Anne Frank’s diary can help us personalize the horror and slap us in the face with the reality and enormity of large-scale problems.

Consider this video of how callously an 8-year-old girl was sexually exploited by more than five dozen men at our border one such slap-in-the-face wake up call.

Jeff Zink, who is sharing this story, is running for Congress in AZ District 3.

Think about the relative silence you hear about this horror story about a tiny girl being raped by at LEAST 67 men on her journey to America — good luck finding it on any Biden-backing ‘news’ outlet — as compared to the white-hot outrage ginned up by this Time Magazine cover.

The difference between these two stories, of course, is that the 8yo girl actually suffered, while the AP photographer in the photo admitted the little Honduran girl — whose image Time Magazine exploited to incur maximum political damage — was never actually separated from her mother, despite Time Magaizine’s claims that she was.

American needs more of this kind of a slap in the face if she will ever rouse herself from sleep to see what has become of her.

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