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GUESS: How Many THOUSAND Sex Assaults Happened In UK’s ‘FREE’ Hospitals?

We have a number for how many sexual assualts — including gang rape and child abuse — happened in UK hospitals over the last 3 years. You’ll want to sit down before you read the number.

You will ALSO want to keep in mind that the last three years included COVID-related shutdowns of many non-urgent medical services, meaning far fewer patients saw a doctor’s care than would otherwise have happened.

That means this number — as high as it is — might have spiked even higher if there were more patients in the hospital.

A group called the Women’s Rights Network has released a report describing how many sexual assaults have happened in the three-year period between January 2019 and October 2022, and a member of that network describes British hospitals as ‘almost a market for sexual offenders’.

At least 2,088 rapes and 4,451 sexual assaults were reported between January 2019 and October 2022 – a rate of 33 a week.

The data does not detail whether the offences were carried out at NHS or private facilities. But a shocking one in seven took place on hospital wards.

And just 4.1 per cent of the crimes resulted in the suspect facing a charge or summons. –Metro

The American system does have its share of problems, but 33 sexual assaults a week in our hospitals, including gang rapes?

And what’s the trade-off? Brits get the privilege of having a government system force them to watch their toddler die in the hospital under police guard lest the desperate parents try to rush little junior away to a cash-pay hospital abroad that might have the tools and expertise to save his or her little life? Some trade.

It gets worse:

The crimes reported include the rape of a girl under 13 and the rape of a woman by ‘multiple offenders’ in hospitals in the West Midlands.

Three young girls and a boy reported being raped in facilities in Cambridgeshire while six girls were said to have been attacked in hospitals in Lancashire.

Jo Phoenix, the Reading University criminology professor who wrote the report, said the findings showed NHS trusts were ‘failing in their duty to protect both patients and staff’.

She added: ‘The fact that 95.9 percent of all reports were either no-further-actioned or not recorded (officially as crimes) is also truly appalling. Although there are no reasons given within the research for this alarmingly low figure, what is clear is that there appears to be ingrained inertia in dealing with this safeguarding and policing failure.’ — Metro UK

They can’t find the rapists terrorizing hospitals despite controlled access and CCTV, but police somehow have the manpower to arrest people engaged in the ‘crime’ of silent prayer near an abortion mill, or writing a Facebook that hurt somebody’s feelings?

That’s what THEIR priorities look like. A survey several weeks ago showed public support of their health system was 29%… that’s the kind of numbers we see for Congress or the American news media.

And yet, THAT is EXACTLY the single-payer model that Democrats are so desperate to shove down our throats — for some reason.

There’s an internet one-liner for this sort of situation ‘These people need Jesus’. It might be cliche, but it’s over-used because it’s true.

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