Canadian Embalmer Is Saying The Quiet Part Out Loud At A Hearing … And She’s SCARED

Written by Wes Walker on April 4, 2023

Meanwhile, in Canada, an upstart ‘Rebel’ news organization is covering the stories that presstitute shills in the government trough won’t touch with a 10′ boom mic.

Now that the pandemic is in the mop-up phase, even in Canada, people are starting to ask the questions we should have been asking all along.

More importantly, they are starting to ask people who were the eyes and ears of things that were ‘really’ happening during the pandemic when all the experts in labcoats were busy singing from identical songbooks.

People like embalmers may not be high in the food chain. They don’t perform autopsies, or identify pathologies. But as the people responsible for the unpleasant task of replacing the body’s natural fluids with something that will stabilize your dearly beloved until he or she is safely interred in that final repose, they do see things that others will miss. And they see enough of them to recognize the difference between an anecdote and a pattern.

After almost 3 decades of embalming, Laura Jeffery is blowing a whistle on what she has seen — especially since the spring of 2021 when people started getting a certain medical procedure.

She describes, in some detail, the white fibrous masses that were not something she was accustomed to seeing during the embalmig process. At first she thought it was some kind of a parasite she had never seen before. But it was a solid mass, taking on the shape of the circulatory system it was taken from, with a gelatinous clot at either end.

At first (in the Spring of 2021) she saw small fibrous masses. Then they started getting bigger. And most people she has treated have them.

She has noted many fewer autopsies being performed than before Covid, despite many more potential unanswered questions about the cause of death.

She also noticed a change in the number of babies she has seen.

Is it an isolated incident? Nope. She’s been talking to colleagues in other countries as well. While there may be some obvious inferences one can draw about potential cause, even if it had nothing to do with *that* novel medical procedure, we need to come up with SOME understanding for what is giving such an unusual bodily reaction, and why we are seeing it worldwide.

Dear Christian: Your Fear Is Full of Crap

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The Apostle Peter buckled to fear on the night of Christ’s crucifixion. But he learned his lesson and lived the rest of his life bold as a lion. How can the church ‘go and do likewise’?

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