WATCH: Kid Rock’s Response To Bud Light Endorsing Trans Influencers Will Make You Scream Like A Bald Eagle!

Written by Wes Walker on April 4, 2023

Budweiser has long been on the receiving end of jokes about its quality. Bud Light, even more so. But last weekend, they took a stand that left many loyal customers scratching their heads.

They endorsed the flamboyant gay Broadway performer who decided to embrace the trans movement and turn it into an extremely lucrative grift.

Now, with the White House backing him, companies are practically tripping over themselves to jump on that bandwagon in some kind of bizarre woke clout-chasing.

It’s almost as if they have money burning a hole in their pocket with the collapse of BLM and they don’t know how to tell the world that they are the ‘good’ ones without throwing it behind today’s Big Thing.

Bud Light joined in the ritual self-humiliation project by putting His face on one of their cans to celebrate completing a full year of his faux womanhood. (Hey ladies — have any of you received a special can with YOUR face on it to commemorate your contribution to society? No? Huh… that’s weird, innit?)

You’ve probably seen the coverage of Dylan Mulvaney in his bubble bath drinking Bud Light out of a can. Perfectly normal stuff — just like any other lady does on a Saturday night… right?

Anyway, reactions from the right were met with the predictable amount of revulsion that a beer brand (whatever its quality and reputation) would sink to this level of self-flagellation.

Many rose to denounce it. Some, like Seb Gorka, filmed themselves dropping it in the trash and posted that on social media.

Few had the colorful response that Kid Rock brought to this conversation.

He went out of his way to ‘trigger’ the left.

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